How Does Your Garden Grow

I thought I’d change it up a little this week and get some snaps of one of the local parks which has some “lovely” gardens.

Sadly when I got there post yummy picnic it all looked rather drab and sorry for itself. I’m not sure if this was how it was meant to look, or if budget cuts had something to do with it, but it all just had a neglected feel to it.

There was so little colour, weeds everywhere and just a rather forlorn look about the place.


lookiin kinda festive

Felt rather festive seeing holly and red berries around the place.



There were a few splashes of colour, but nothing like what I’d expect at this time of year.

mini yellow blooms

mini purple blooms

mini blooms


On our way out I spied this tree, the gorgeous red leaves just screamed autumn.

between trees

The boys were rather brave and went exploring up these rather spooky stairs.

spooky steps

I ended my rather disappointing stomp around the gardens even more miffed to some cheeky bugger had bought the house I’d been saving for.

Just look at this front door, don’t you want to go exploring inside!!

front door

I’m hoping next week I have a prettier post!



  1. That front door just cries out for some exploring, you're right.

  2. You've taken some really beautiful shots, I know you think the day was drab, but you've done a great job at capturing some really colourful shots. The door does look lush - massive shame your house was bought!!

  3. I probably would have tried to have a sneaky look in that door, I'm a bit nosey! Mmmm blackberries and are those elderberries too?

  4. You've managed to capture the beauty in the garden even if it was forlorn! Now I'm wondering where did the spooky stairs lead to?

  5. even without so many flowers it still looks like a lovely place to have a picnic.

  6. That last photo of the door framed by the leaves in sunlight is gorgeous. I'm sorry. Wishing you more fulfilling explorations next time.

  7. They are lovely pictures, I love the door! It looks like a door to a magical castle in a story book. Sorry about the house x #HDYGG

  8. Summer seems to have just stopped hasn't it? I love the steps and sorry about the house.

  9. There's signs Autumn is heading our way hard and fast now, it does make the blooms left stand out a bit more though :) That door looks super inviting , I trust you'll continue to stalk the place and check up on what they do with it? Loving the glimpse through at the red leaves to bits - makes me hanker for the changing leaf colours of Autumn now! Thanks for joining in again - and I think these are lovely!

  10. You made it look really pretty. I can't wait for autumn now and loved your glimpses of it. Great door, looks like a princess might be in there.

  11. Well it may have been forlorn, but your photos are lovely. I would love to explore behind that door :) #HDYGG

  12. The berries look gorgeous though, but yes autumn's definitely on its way

  13. Even in it's forlornness you have found beauty :)


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