How Does Your Garden Grow

There are so many signs that autumn is on her way.

Summer and autumn seem to be fighting between themselves as to who shall triumph over the next few weeks, based on a walk we had over the weekend I’d say autumn is just about nudging summer out the way.

Berries are popping up everywhere, adding splashes of colour to the greenery.

red berries



Wildflowers are adding some delicate colour among the thorns and bramble bushes

roadside wildflowers

road side wildflowers

bramble flowers

purple wild flowers

Whilst other plants are going to seed in preparation for next years display

gone to seed

wooden fence on an evening walk

The purple wild flowers above reminded me of a few fun photos I took the other week in the garden.

I have a patch of wild flowers growing just outside the kitchen, when the bubble blower blew some bubbles on them I just had to take a few snaps!

Wild flowers and bubbles, a perfect combination.

wildflowers bubbles

bubbles on wildflowers



  1. Lovely pics... Autumn IS my favourite season, but I can't help feeling it should NOT be poking its nose into August!!

  2. The wildflowers with the bubbles are really pretty! Lots of Autumn signs here too, so many berries around at the moment. At least early Autumn means early blackberries for our bellies :)

  3. Love this - I love the bubbly bottom shots and the nature shots. So many berries and nuts starting to appear, team that up with the kids going back to school next week and it's going to really start ti feel like Autumn! Thanks for joining in again ! x

  4. oh the thought of fall sounds sooooooo wonderful! unfortunately it won't cool down here until january/february

  5. Gosh I can't wait for Autumn now! Love your wild flowers too - every time I see other people growing them I think how pretty they are and yet never think to grow some for myself. On the list for next year maybe I think! #hdygg

  6. Pretty and lovely mood created by those bubbles. I love the berries I see around too! And I love that some plants are getting ready for the next season. I cant wait to see the colors. =) #hdygg

  7. I really love how you've captured the bubbles with the plants #HDYGG

  8. I love those flowers with the bubbles - so artistic! I am also enjoying foraging for nuts and berries x

  9. A gorgeous sequence of shots, I especially like the shot of the blackberry blossom and those photographs with the bubbles are incredibly pretty.

  10. Oh lovely photo's - love the idea of Summer and Autumn doing battle at the moment! Autumn definitely winning in our neck of the woods too :)

  11. Your berries look fab, so big! Our raspeberry plant has just produced more berries after we thought it was finished for the summer!


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