How To ~ Make a Celebration Anywhere Parcel {Birthday in a Box}

There is much to celebrate.

Especially for my lovely niece who just turned 14 {no way am I old enough to have a 14 year old niece, nuh uh no way}.

As Maddie has been busy jet setting to Rome and the Isle of White we didn’t actually get to see her on her birthday, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t celebrate her birthday a little later.

Inspired by a plethora of pins on Pinterest I decided to make a Celebration Anywhere Parcel.

how to make a celebration anywhere parcel

Once I got started it became rather addicting, seriously, there are oddles of things you could include to suit the occasion and / or recipient.

I finally settled on a lantern garland, mini bunting, balloons, confetti, sweet treats, pom pom bunting and a joy heart.

party in a parcel

This was ridiculously easy to put together.

Once I had the items I wanted to include all I needed was to package them up, for this I used cellophane bags, to which I added a decorated label.

items needed for a celebrate anywhere box

mini paper bunting

making label for celebrate anywhere box

mini bunting package for celebrate anywhere box

Once everything was packaged up, I simply wrapped them up in a neat little parcel and tah dah, Maddie has her very own Celebration Anywhere kit!

Here’s a few ideas on occasions you can make a Celebrations Anywhere Parcel…


…and here’s just a few suggestions of what you can include in the parcel, I would suggest you take note of any postal restrictions and don’t include anything leakable!

ideas of what to include in a celebration anywhere parcel


  1. You are a fantastic aunt! What a fabulous idea! I'm going to pin this and use it on my friends and family. I don't always get to see people in person on their special days, but this is a beautiful way to let them know you are thinking of them.

  2. Totally love this idea! Pinned it :D


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