Dear Teacher…

I’ve never met you, yet I’m entrusting my most precious creations with you.

My wonderful, darling and unique children will be with you for 6 hours everyday.

ethan and his hat ahren and his hat

I’m trusting you to listen to their concerns.

Reassure them when they lack confidence in their abilities.

To be firm yet fair when they will no doubt push boundaries.

To treat them as individuals.

Show patience when they take time to get things right.

I hope you will be able to address issues before they become problems.

That you will encourage their passions and strengths.

Forgive them when they do wrong.

I hope you will always expect the very best of them, even when they struggle.

pink banner

You and I are now in a unique relationship, we will be working together to nurture a love and respect for learning in Ahren and Ethan.

It wont always be easy, there will be days when we both feel it’s an up hill struggle; they can be cantankerous little souls at times.

They aren’t always the most confident of children, there will be tears of frustration.

I promise to do what I can to support and encourage their blossoming enthusiasm for learning, but I can only do this if my children feel safe, secure and valued in your care.

I’m sure we’ll be fine, together we can get through the next school year.

Kind regards,

Ethan & Ahrens mama

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  1. Lovely xx I feel that my boys teachers will do these things this year, and hopefully they will learn too x

  2. Love this post. I am sharing your angst and hope as my son started reception this September, having just turned 4 weeks before. It's an exciting, and emotional time of big adjustment. Sometimes I just can't believe someone else is spending more time with my children than me! So strange. Best of luck to you and your boys. #pocolo

  3. What a really wonderful post and I wholeheartedly echo every sentiment. I hope your children thrive with their teacher. Thank you so much for linking to PoCoLo :) x


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