How Does Your Garden Grow

My garden is so confused at the moment!

It’s struggling with warm days and cold nights, not sure if it should bloom or settle down for the next few months.

The honey suckle has a split personality, it’s producing some gorgeously vibrant berries

honey suckle berries

whilst still displaying it’s weirdly pretty flowers.

honey suckle blooms

We have several patches of bulbs already starting to emerge, I may not know much about gardening but I’m thinking it’s a tad too early for Spring bulbs to make an appearance!

early spring bulbs

Which are popping up just as I’m planting bulbs for Spring!

spring bulbs

planting bulbs

bulbs and lavender

The plants are still producing a colourful array of blooms

pretty in pink

chloe came to visit 054

burnt orange

Although the Lucifer started flowering in Summer the various orange and yellow hues just screams Autumn.

purple clamatis

chloe came to visit 041


cosmos in sunlight

We’ve had a crazy influx of baby snails, ants and black fly egg thingys, all of which resulted in me chopping back and removing the plants affected.  It’s rather shocking how much damage these critters can do in such a short time, and those black eggs just look repulsive, ewww.

baby snail on a ladder

baby snail on the bird house


On to something far nicer…chillies!

We have chillies and they are yummy, still no idea what ones they are but hubs has been chucking the in our dinners and neither one of us has fallen ill so I’m guessing they’re okay!

chilli peppers

I decided to cut back the lavender, I see some sewing going on soon!


Has your garden decided what it wants to do or is it rather baffled by the weather like ours appears to be?!


  1. you have so many beautiful colors in your garden still! but yes, i would say it's a bit early for spring blooms lol

  2. Ours is as baffled as yours. My Winter flowering heather is flowering(!) and we have berries on a Spring flowering shrub! Love your chilli photo, I've really got into them since we've been growing our own. Fabulous photos :)

  3. Eeew, snail eggs, not good! You have some lovely colours though and I'm thinking that bulbs shooting up now might not be all that great either. My rose has started flowering again, so I think there's a lot of confusion in the plant world at the moment :)

  4. My garden is still in summer, it isn't confused, but then it really still is summer where I live. It seems yours is all over the place but very pretty with it! #HDYGG

  5. baffled or not, it is decidedly beautiful!

  6. I've a rouge strawberry trying to ripen at the moment. I think it has been asleep for the last two months!

  7. You have loads of colour still in your garden! I must go and cut our lavender - thanks for the prompt, oh and get some bulbs in! Very strange that you have bulbs coming up already! Poor confused garden ;-)

  8. I suspect your bulbs popping up are Nerine, an autumn flowering bulb with pink flowers on long straight stems. Have a google and see what you think.


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