How Does Your Garden Grow

I can’t even deal with the garden at the moment, seriously, it just doesn’t know what it is doing.

We’ve had a few walks this week, and oh my gosh hasn’t Autumn just come along and stomped all over Summer!

On our travels we gathered a few items with just scream Autumn.

little pieces of autumn

The boys really enjoyed searching for these and then messing about with them at home.

gathering leaves


Can’t believe how much colour remains among all the greenery.


purple wild flowers

pink wild flowers

yellow wild flowers


red berries

How gorgeous is sunlight coming through the leaves!

speckled light

I managed to get some bokeh in this one!

sunlight and bokeh

sunlight on leaves

blackberries ready for a crumble

I do love pine cones, these ones are still waiting to fall.

pine cones in a tree

We’ve been seeing lots of mushrooms around,no sign of fairies though.


As if to cement the confusion of the seasons….daisy's and crisp autumn leaves, I always think of daisy's as a Spring flower, it’s all getting rather confusing.

leaves and daisys

Aren’t these leaves just everything Autumn!


And oh my, this house….just….yes please!

autumnal house

There was something rather calming about watching leaves fall in to the river and float away.

leaves on the river

These poor leaves has to settle for a boring old pathway for their resting place, you get some weird looks whilst taking photos from this perspective.

leafy ground

But, never mind, because I saw an albino squirrel!

I shit you not blog readers, this little chap was just collecting nuts and going about his day when he rather kindly sat and posed for me.

How wonderful is he!

albino squirrel


  1. You've captured some beautiful Autumnal colours there. Makes me wanna grab my thick jumper and snuggle up! What a surprise seeing an albino squirrel too :)

  2. oh autumn..... i wish. i wish. i wish!! this is the time of year these posts start getting hard for me. absolutely gorgeous pictures. so autumn like indeed and hello, an albino squirrel? awesome!!

  3. Oh wow, an albino squirrel. I had to look at that twice juts to check it was actually what I thought! You've captured the season absolutely beautifully x

  4. Love your collection of Autumn items in the first photo. I've never seen an albino squirrel before, how bizarre!! Great dandelion photo :)

  5. Gorgious! I can't wait for fall to hit here. Although it is in the 70's instead of 100*! I love that bowl of pretty fallness! I've never seen a white squirrel before, how pretty! Happy Thursday!

  6. That is one freaky looking squirrel -EEEEE - it's like it belongs in the Dawn of the Dead.
    Mental squirrel aside, it's looking like you are loving the start of Autumn - I have been taking insane amounts of photos of leaves this week - no idea what I will do with them all though! Lovely to see it all arranged out - and that peeled bark is cool!
    Thanks for joining in and sharing, loving all the Autumn colours x

  7. Oh wow, look at the squirrel! Beautiful! I love seeing all of the autumnal colours in your pictures x #HDYGG

  8. Well you had me at the garden frustration, then the dandelion head but the low perspective on the leaves shot was perfection too. But then, the SQUIRREL?!! I would never be able to imagine it! What a great shot.

  9. I think that the weather is really confusing. Sunny and yet the winds are cold. I think that it gives us longer summer and longer summer means wee bit longer we can see those colors. But just the same I am so looking forward to the autumn colors and I cant wait to see them again =) #hdygg

  10. Your photographs are so full of autumn. I really need to get down to the local woods now!

  11.! your squirrel dude is so cool! love the fall bits you collected. i need to do that as soon as fall gets here. we thought it was coming, but then summer decided to stay a couple more weeks! fickle weather!


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