Looking Back On Summer

We’ve done it, we survived our first Summer break from school.

It was wonderful and stressful.

Full of sunshine and rain days.

Lazy days and excitement.

Late nights and sleepy starts.

I shall miss the little tinkers once they clamber on the school bus Monday morning, but I shall also be secretly relieved to have some time to listen to the voices in my head, they’ve been drowned out by the kids!

at the beach

We had windmills, bubbles and Frisbees on the beach.

windmill on the beach

playing on the beach

bikes on the beach

Saw some amazing planes.

airbourne planes

Watched some wonderful fireworks


Had an ice cream or two

ice cream and smiles

Saw the odd boat

boats of eastbourne

Caught up with cousins


Saw some nature

summer break 7

Looked adorable

zombie walk

Practised our zombie walks

summer break 15

Hung around.

dangling feet

Went on bike rides

bike rides

Chatted with old friends

noddy and ice creams

Had messy afternoons


Did some surfing

bubble shadows

Played with bubbles

summer break 18

bubbles on wildflowers

Explored rock pools

exploring rock pools

Saw some fish and found Nemo

nemo and friends

And had cuddles

end of summer bro hug

lots and lots of cuddles.

beach boys

twin brother cuddles

twin brother cuddles

twin brother cuddles


  1. You had an incredible summer. Your photos are amazing and your boys look oh so grown up! x

  2. This is absolutely adorable Amanda. I just love your photos - so much fun :) x


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