Review ~ The Camping Cook Book

Pretty soon we’re going on an adventure, indulging in a little wanderlust and taking ourselves camping.

So it was rather handy when Parragon Love Food sent us The Camping Cook Book to review, cause we all know how important good food is, especially when out in the wilderness!

The Camping Cook Book

Jam packed with over 70 recipes suitable for camping trips big and small, there is a recipe for every occasion and even the most fussy of eaters.

It kicks of with a rather frickin’ handy list of what items you need to take camping to prepare and cook the yummyness that this book contains, and although not listed, I’d suggest a ruggedly handsome chap to accompany you said camping trip to carry all the supplies, bonus if he can cook too!

There is also a nifty page or two on pitching your tent, which you can pass to the ruggedly handsome chap mentioned above so he knows what to do!

There are handy tips and advice on the 3 ways to cook whilst camping;gas, barbecue and the good ol’ traditional campfire, which for total novices like myself are invaluable reading.

On to the recipes…

the camping cook book apple and spice oats

Each recipe is simply laid out with lists of ingredients and easy to follow step by step instructions.

The most appealing thing about this recipe book is it versatility.

You don’t need to go anywhere near the great outdoors to enjoy a single recipe, all can be modified and cooked indoors from the comfort of your own home.

You should at least try a few recipes in the garden using the BBQ one last time before it’s put away for winter; Campfire Quesadillas followed by S’mores sound like the ultimate way to kick of a chilly autumnal weekend.

the camping cook book image

the camping cook book smores

Not forgetting the French Toast with Maple Syrup which is an essential weekend indulgence and the Apple & Spice Porridge which will be sure to fill up the little tummy's before heading off to school.

the camping cook book maple french toast

So, whether or not you are heading out on a camping trip, this cook book would make a wonderful addition to any kitchen.

The Camping Cook Book

And, as if producing yummy looking cook books isn’t enough, Parragon have only gone and made a bunch of stationary! The sticky notes from the Wild range are perfect for bookmarking the recipes hubby will be trying out later!

the camping cook book and sticky tabs


  1. Ooh those recipes have got my tastebuds tingling! Love the look of those camp fire quesadillas - yummy. Where are you off to on your camping adventure? Make sure you wrap up warm! x

  2. This looks great. We do a lot of outside cooking (all year round!) and those recipes sound like exactly the kind of food we eat. I'm going to add this to my Amazon wish list now! Glad I popped over to check out your blog now...

  3. This book looks amazing. We went camping every year as children and lived off just add water packet meals. They were foul. Having 'proper' food camping would feel like such a luxury to me! x


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