Rocks Pools ~ Splish, Splash & Splosh

With the children back at school it’s important we spend the weekends as a family, not stuck behind computers, TV’s or whatever else prevents us from actually interacting with each other.

We are lucky enough to live a stones throw away from the beach, so when low tide, sunny weather and us all being together all coincided, it was off to the beach we went.

It was rather entirely unplanned and had we actually put a little thought in to it we would have packed the wagon with a picnic, change of clothes for the boys and a net…but hey ho, we do like to be spontaneous!

bare feet on the rocks

It was shocking just how quickly the tide turned, got a little worried when the boys went out a bit far, but they are fearless!

seaweed rock pool

How many shades of green? Pesky fish and crabs where hiding so well, the seagulls down here are vicious so I don’t really blame them for hiding.

rock poolin

How can they walk on the stones in bare feet?!

rainbow sparkles in a rock pool

The boys and I were ridiculously excited when we spotted these little sparkling rainbows on the surface of a rock pool.

exploring rock pools

Ahren…scooping with his scoop!

colourful seaweed in a rock pool

hermit crab playingpeekaboo hermit crab in a shell

We saw more lots of interesting things surrounding the rock pools; these hermit crabs were all safely tucked away from hungry predators.

clam shell

Whilst this shell was empty I still nabbed it and brought it home with us.

running out to sea

It was a shame we didn’t really get to see much in the way of sea life in the rock pools, but the boys still found it all rather fascinating and educational, asking about rock formation and tides rather put me on the spot as I really didn’t have my educational hat on!

Hurrah for their daddy who can answer those questions.



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  1. This sounds like such a wonderful day! Exploring those tide pools looks like so much fun.

  2. That looks like so much fun, visiting the beach is always wonderful. Gorgeous photos, love the one iof the boys walking on the stones x #CountryKids

  3. What lovely photos, living so close to the beach is such a treat. It is just under half an hour for us which isn't bad but more of an outing, I'd love to be able to say we were a stone's throw away. Thank you for linking up your rockpooling with me on Country Kids

  4. Looks like a lovely spontaneous day out. I can't wait to teach n all about the geography of the UK...hope I still remember it when he's older and asking

  5. Lovely lovely photos! We try to make the most of our weekends too by going out and enjoying whats left of summer. I love the last photo the most =) #countrykids

  6. Rock pools are the sort of thing childhoods are made of! What a lovely thing to do with your boys, so simple but fun x

  7. have been following your blog for a while now - fantastic photos make each day count as your family will grow up whilst you are not looking.


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