The Simple Things ~ Falling in to Autumn

I fall a little more in love with autumn every year.

The signs of autumn have arrived early this year.

signs of autumn

Yet after donning flip flops and vests for the majority of summer I find myself yearning for chunky knits, comfy jeans and thick socks.

I’m looking forward to hot drinks, cinnamon and apples baking in the oven and cold crisp mornings where every breath is visible and leaves which crunch underfoot, whilst they glisten with early morning frost.

blanket of frosty leaves

With the first day of autumn now upon us I find I’m looking forward to those cosy evenings inside just as much as I’m looking forward to walks on the beach or in the woods, although it will soon be too chilly to dip our toes in the sea!

between trees

after school walk on the beach

What are you most looking forward to with the change of the seasons?

beutiful autumn



  1. As we head into my favourite half of the year, the things I will look forward to are, early dark evenings indoors with Wifey and the kids.
    (When it stays light until late I get dragged to the beach until the sun sets)

    Weekend walks along the beach or through the woods/park even though it's chucking it down and nobody else is out.
    (A little water never hurt anyone!)

    Coming home from work smelling of cold and shaking rain off myself as the kids come running down the hallway to greet me with news of their day.
    (When the sun is out they're usually too busy in the garden to notice me open the front door).

    Taking off my big warm winter coat and asking what's for dinner, only to be laughed at in a maniacal fashion.
    (Then going to the kitchen to cook for everyone).

    Pure bliss. Bring on the snow! :)

    Hubby. X

  2. I'm most looking forward to seeing the autumn photos on your blog! Love the photos in this post and want MORE!!
    Your Hubby's comment is lovely :) x

  3. I look forward to reading lots of books and making the most of the weather for as long as possible before the onset of Winter!
    Lovely post, fabulous photos x

  4. Look forward to chunky knits, woolly socks and pumpkins! I love Halloween :) #savouringtheseason

  5. This is beautiful Amanda... I love autumn... It is without doubt my favourite season. Stunning pictures! Thanks so much for linking up with #SavouringtheSeason

  6. Lovely post. I love autumn and all the things you said :)


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