A Letter To My Younger Self ~ What Would You Say…

To your younger self?

I’ve seen several bloggers write posts of what they would say, if they could, to their younger selves. It’s an interesting concept, the possibility of a hypothetical “do over” if it were

There are so many things that I could tell a younger me to either do differently, not do at all or just do.

But, as I sit here in my comfy house, decorated in my own unique thrown together style, which I share with the man I love and my two wonderfully, unique crazy kids, there isn’t much I would change.

All the mistakes, tears and failures of my younger years have contributed to the smiles, joys and successes I have enjoyed.

As lovely as it would be to lead a life without mistakes, each one of those experiences has made me the person I am today.

no regret

Dear Younger me

Slow down, take time to actually enjoy life. Life and its possibilities pass by much too quickly as it is.

Appreciate and listen to those around you, especially your grandparents and dad, they wont be here much longer. They have so much wisdom and many amazing stories to share, try to remember the best bits as you will one day want to tell these to your children.

The sooner you realise just how wonderful you are, and you really are, the easier things will become. There is no need to try and keep up with anyone else, do things your way, eventually you’ll get to where you need to be.

Stop being so stubborn. It will be difficult but you’ll only miss out in the long run if you don’t forgive those who have let you down.

You will experience some horrendous grief, it will seem as though you wont be able to get past it, but I promise you, you will. When you feel as though you’re at your lowest don’t give up, brighter days are not too far away.

You are going to make mistakes, both big and small, and they are all okay to make. They help you become the person you are today.

This crazy journey called life will take you to some unexpected places, it will introduce you to some interesting people and let you experience the good and bad; embrace it all.

Love, Me

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Would you change anything, or are you happy with where life has taken you?


  1. Funnily enough, the conclusion I reached when writing my letter (link below) to my 7-years-younger self (i.e. pre-kids) was that I thought I'd be jealous of the life I left behind - the one with Sunday morning lie-ins and travelling around the world - but I'm really not. Life is different now, but I wouldn't swap it for the world.



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