An Autumnal Afternoon ~ How Does Your Garden Grow

This past weekend I dragged the family around town in search of Autumn, as whilst it’s all around us, there are some things which are just….more Autumny!

What should have been a straight forward walk to the park took us along a number of roads way out of our way, but hey ho, we got there in the end!

Once the kids had exhausted themselves in the play park I dragged them round the woodland bits, got to get a bit of nature appreciation instilled in them.

I was once again surprised by the range of colour still out there, whilst slowly being taken over by yellows, oranges, reds and browns there was still plenty of colour to be seen.

autumn floor

pink daisys


pink roses


autumnal carpet

What surprised me most was this little fella, or lady.

A Ladybird bug, surely they should be tucked up until Spring?


No idea what these pods are, but they look rather cool in a decaying kinda way.

red berry pods

Whilst not as impressive as the albino squirrel I saw the other week, Sidney was rather charming in his own oh look at me and my bushy tail kinda way.


nibbled acorns

leafy daisy acorn

leafy tree

I love how there are so many different shades of colour all in one tree.


As we pootled our way back home I had to go see my other favourite house, it has the most gorgeous leaves trailing down the front of it.

trailing leaves

A lantern or two and a few pumpkins and this would be the perfect Halloween door.

secret door

I wonder what changes another week of Autumn will bring?



  1. Yes, everything is changing so quickly now isn't it. I've noticed more bare trees already, with just a few hardy leaves hanging in there. i have a beautiful sight out of my front room right now-blue sky (!) and a blaze of orange. Beautiful season isn't it.

  2. great shots. love all the pink still.

  3. Wow, such beautiful, vibrant colours, loving the rusty tones...terrified of squirrels though!!

  4. We've still got some ladybirds in our garden but I thought the same as you. It's nice to see them, we have a lot of aphids that need eating! Love your photos - very Autumnal but it still feels like Summer is hanging on in a few places :)

  5. I love seeing all the signs of autumn. You have shared some beautiful pictures x #HDYGG

  6. this is a rather beautiful time of year. with summer lingering here and there, but fall creeping in. it seems the two seasons are coexisting this year.

  7. How lovely to see that splash of colour! Even the flowers here seem to have turned yellow and red to match the leaves :) Gorgeous set of photos x #HDYGG

  8. Beautiful, those pods are Lords and Ladies and are lovely, but probably poisonous x


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