Autumn Morning ~ How Does Your Garden Grow

There’s some peculiar folk out there who aren’t too keen on Autumn, I know! Crazy fools!

Autumn, like Spring is a season just full of potential.

Some plants die off, others begin to thrive whilst some just seem confused and don’t really know what to do.

As I took a walk around the park earlier this week I was amazed at the colour still visible. There were the expected reds, yellows and orange tones but mixed among them were pinks, whites and purples.

A true visual feast for the eyes.

leafy wall

Autumn morning leaves

yellow leaves and converse

You get all the weird looks when trying to get photos from a low perspective.

Autumn morning leafy ground

Autumn morning park bench

Oh I’m loving this door, it’s a secret door to who knows where!

Autumn morning secret door

Recent windy weather turned this tree bare and naked *blushes*

Looks rather sinister me thinks.

Autumn morning bare naked tree

Here’s the colour I was speaking of.

Autumn morning tiny petals

Raindrops on roses, how beautiful!

I was stunned to see the rose bushes still in flower.

Autumn morning roses

I’m going to mention the C word….these red berries just scream Christmas!

Autumn morning red berries

Whilst these rosehips promise petals in the near future.

Autumn morning rosehips

Autumn morning petals and buds

This here is my favourite tree, the colour of the leaves is always just perfectly beautiful.

Autumn morning red maples

Autumn morning red leaves

Another thing I was rather surprised to see, were so many dandelions, I’ve always considered these Spring flowers.

Autumn morning dandelion

make a wish

And feathers…there was a weird abundance of feathers around!

Feathers, like petals, always amaze me at how the colours just stop and change from one to another, especially on Magpies.

Autumn morning lonely feather

I got rather ridiculously excited when I realised there were two types of pine cones growing in the park, I know, I’m officially a saddo.

Autumn morning pine cone

beach and park walk 035

This little fella was happy as Larry just sat on a post eating brekkie.

Autumn morning squirrel

I’ve been trying to go for a few walks every week, with the kids now in school full time they can’t come with me as often as I’d like, I have however been able to gather up some woodland treasures for the boys.

awesome autumn

I was RIDICULOUSLY excited when I found acorns, for the past few years they’ve always been this gnarled gross looking diseased urgh-corn, so being able to show the kids proper acorns was rather exciting.

morning after the rain 004

I just realised I’ve used the words excited and ridiculously a lot in this post, can you tell I rather like Autumn?!



  1. Oh I love this post as much as I love Autumn!! Those colours and shapes are just divine. (Now I'm getting ridiculously excited :) ) I particularly love your Autumn treasures / finds. Well done, that's quite a little collection of Autumn you have there!

  2. So much gorgeousness on one page, it's almost too much for me! My favourite colour is red, so I do love this time of year for the colour, although right now I'd settle for less wind and rain and more dry sunny days :)
    Lovely photo's, really enjoyed these.

  3. Wow, what a lot of beautiful colours. I absolutely love nature at autumn time. Gorgeous photos. #SavouringtheSeason

  4. WOW!!!!!! such beautiful pictures filled with everything i love and miss about autumn. thank you!

  5. Ahhh this is like liquid Autumn (only without technically being liquid...)
    I love your collections of items, I get excited too when I spot a perfect acorn, usually it's just the cups I find - takes me back to reading books as a child and imagining fairies using them as saucepans.
    I was surprised to see a load of roses still in bloom at Wisley this week too, maybe I need to consider some roses for my garden next year!
    Love this post- so happy! Thank you for joining in again and spreading the Autumnal love x

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous! I also adore autumn, it's the trees that do it for me :) Love this post! #HDYGG

  7. it's obvious that you adore autumn! what a variety (as you say) that you are finding on your walks. love it all!

  8. Lovely! Love those macro shots of dandelions! Everything is so pretty in autumn! #hdygg

  9. I too love that secret door, did you get to the other side of it?

  10. oh lady now i like your pictures so exciting seeing all the wonderful colours, but that second dandelion photo is truly amazing i can totally imagine fairies helping to blow the seeds as you take the picture really gorgeous

  11. Loving the colours and the collections! I thought that I had found a safe place to crouch down for low perspectives and be weird with the camera, but then a friend texted me and commented that I must be getting some good shots out there- she had been watching me from a far from her bedroom window. So now I just go with it:-)

  12. I think I may be one of the 'crazy fools' you speak of! And it's not true, there's lots I love about Autumn but I just wasn't quite ready to put my summer gear away quite so suddenly, we've had such a stunning summer. Your pictures are gorgeous though Amanda - the reds of the leaves and those pretty acorns and autumnal bits you arranged so beautifully!

  13. Amanda - these photos are stunning! Love them! You have captured autumn so perfectly!! #SavouringtheSeason


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