Getting Older ~ Misunderstanding Teens

Despite spending many years as one, and being friends to a large number of them at one time, I’ve realised this week that I really do not understand teenagers.

Like, at all.

A sure, yet scary sign that I’m becoming a grown-up.

They are a whole other species of people, who bemuse me as much as they baffle me.

I realise each generation has their “thing” which the oldies shake their heads at and mumble about the “good ol’ days”, but seriously, I just don’t get a lot of what teenagers are about nowadays.

The trout pout, whilst we can’t blame the horrendously daft looking duck face on the teens we can certainly blame the continued popularity of it on teenage girls who insist of those bloody selfies in which they’re attempting to either blow themselves a kiss or sucker themselves to a mirror.

Has there been any research in to long-term impact of repeatedly pulling a duck face? Think of the lines ladies!!

But it’s not just the girls who bemuse me, the boys are just as baffling! Hair, once upon a time it was girls who were precious about styling their hair “just so”, nowadays I have to stifle my laughter as teenage boys try to arrange their floppy hair dos in a way their forehead and eyes are covered but they can still just about see where they are going.

I have since discovered that this is commonly referred to as an “emo flap”.

And don’t even get me started on the lingo…. “shade….bae….bia…” they make all the cools, freakin’, dude and awesome words of my misspent youth make so much sense.

With several teens and tweens in the family I need to figure out what teenagers are all about, before I’m relegated to the corner and forever known as the crazy laughing auntie who doesn’t understand what is going on around me.


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