How Does Your Garden Grow ~ Welsh Wood Style

We spent the past weekend in the glorious country that is Wales.


It’s such a beautiful place and somewhere that makes me feel lighter and breathe easier just being there.

These are a few pics, that honestly don’t do justice to the beauty of the place, but show some of my favourite bits of our time in Wales.

I love this photo, it’s like Summer and Autumn collide.

autumn meet summer

There was a crazy amount of fungi around, these ones climbing up a fallen Silver Birch we’re rather impressive.

mushrooms climbing up a tree

Some just looked gross, like the floopy squishy ones below.

messy mushrooms

And some were just teeny tiny perfect mushrooms.

tiny mushrooms in wales

carpet of ivy and a scattering ofleaves

I kinda fell in love with this old gas pump.

vintage gas pump

Among all the trees there were a fair amount of felled trees.

This one would make an amazing den, a few sticks and ferns to make the sides and BOOM a den is born. What’s even more impressive is that despite being uprooted, it’s still alive, thriving and growing at that wonky donk angle.

Isn’t nature super impressive?

uprooted tree

This tree has almost totally returned to the earth, an impressive cycle of life.

rotting tree

fallen trees

Some trees had obviously been cut down for practical reasons, I stupidly decided to see what was under the bark, bugs, lots and lots of creepy crawly bugs *shudders*.


I think it’s easy to see nothing but browns at this time of year, but there’s little pops of colour still to be found.

daisys and leaves

a pop of orange

pop of orange


wales 269

Can you tell the boys loved all the leaves?

goldden brown

leafy tunnel

welsh woods

I love how nature is claiming back this disused building.

old building

Obviously I can’t have an autumnal post without the obligatory pinecone shots, would be rather rude not to include them!

autumnal gatherings


Until next time Wales!

so many colours



  1. Fabulous pictures from what looks like a wonderful part of the world. We haven't had many fungi this year as it was too dry until recently but with the recent rain they may have now appeared. I shall head out later with the dogs and my camera. Oh and I love the orange crocomosia and the way it leaps out at you when you scroll down the page!

  2. great shots! so very fall like. looks like a beautiful place indeed

  3. I've only been to Wales once, when I was little, but I remember it being a beautiful place. Nice to see a cheeky little robin in your photos :)

  4. Ok lol lady.....what the actual!? Where in Wales, because if it was South, I'm going to kick your booty! Wales is a stunning place, made doubly so by the truly wonderful people that live there's x mwah x

  5. Beautiful Wales and beautiful autumn pictures. I am missing Wales, we were there last month - my favourite place in the whole world.

  6. I love blankets of leaves and never tire of looking at photos of them. Fungi can be so beautiful but the squishy one reminds me of past student housing! ;)

  7. Thank you for a beautiful tour of Autumn and nature in Wales! Just makes me want to head out there now and enjoy too.

  8. What great autumn pictures. I love the green and yellow leaves together.

  9. I love your photos!!! I cant even chose a favorite! Every shot is just awesome!!! #hdygg

  10. Oh this is lovely Amanda. I have a huge love of Wales, having spent ever summer holiday there as a child with my folks.I can see why you fell in love with that gas pump.
    Seems to be a bumper year for fungi, I love those on the tree, I see a lot of those round here - almost like ufos that have flown into the tree trunks I always think. So good to see the boys enjoying the outdoors - everyone loves throwing leaves, any age!
    Thanks for joining in again lovely - glad to hear you had a nice time away :)


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