How Does Your Garden Grow ~ Woodland Walk

This time of year the woods are such a beautiful place to visit.

The ever changing assortment of colours and the transition of plants and trees as they prepare for colder months is one of natures true spectacles.

woodland gatherings

autumn leaves

My dream is to one day experience fall in all its glorious splendour in New England, for now I shall delight in the amazing display good ol’ Blighty puts on for us.

woodland golden tree

woodland lake and trees

woodland lake and ducks

Whilst the majority of the trees haven’t yet taken on the multitude of colours we see during autumn there was plenty of colour to be seen elsewhere.

autumn berries

woodland mushrooms

autumn woodland carpet

woodland pines

woodland berries

a lonely pinecone

After the heavy rain and strong winds we had last week the lake was over flowing and carpeted with a beautiful array of leaves.

autumn leaves in water

woodland leaves under water

The best thing about our trip to the woods was my discovery of the Mr Snuffleupagus Tree. Just look at it! I couldn’t get a decent photo of the entire tree, but just imagine a tree made up entirely of Mr Snuffleupagus trunks….crazy amazing!

Snuffleupagus tree

Mr. Snuffleupagus tree

Whilst the boys are too young to appreciate anything from Sesame Street, they were stoked by this huge felled tree, lots of fun to clamber on.

woodland felled tree

Once again I was unable to leave without gathering a little hoard of autumnal goodies, I’m running out of ideas to do with it all!

woodland finds

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  1. Oh gosh, I love that tree trunk! I'd like to visit New England in the Fall too-think it would be stunning. In the meantime, you're photo's are plenty enjoyment for me :)

  2. Autumn really is a beautiful season with its colours.

  3. Lovely set of photos, I particularly love the leaves in the water. New England is beautiful in the Fall :) Although I'm currently looking out at torrential rain so everything is a bit brown! #HDYGG

  4. Lovely collection of bits and pieces from the woods :) Most of the trees haven't really started turning yet where I am so it's nice to see all the coloured leaves in your post.

  5. I was thinking goodness I can see these things outside and yet they dont look as pretty! Your photos make things nicer =) #hdygg

  6. really beautiful photos. this is the best fall display i've seen so far. fall seems to be a little late for some reason. or maybe i'm just imagining it.

  7. That looks like a great walk and loving the vivid colours of the berries.

  8. A beautiful array of colours, Autumn really does show nature at its best.

  9. Pure Autumnal delights and dare I say it- yes I do, a touch Christmassy (shoot me now!)
    I love the reds and oranges, this is such a great time of year isn't it?
    Snuffleupagus -love it, I'm going to think of that every time I see one now!
    Sorry for the late commenting but we got back from hols on Friday and Kitty has been poorly ever since so getting onto the pooter has been hard! Thanks for joining in again :) x


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