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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be truly wild and free!

Alas, I am not.

Maybe it’s my longing for a little wanderlust  which fuels my love of wildflowers; their ability to just seed and bloom where ever they find a suitable home.

We recently stumbled across oodles of wildflowers, many of which were in full glorious bloom.

roadside wildflowers

There were also seeds galore!

Whilst taking care not to damage any plants and picking sparingly I managed to gather a few seeds.

wildflower seeds

I’m hoping that these seeds will bloom in to some wonderful and colourful wildflowers.

blue cornflowers and seed pods

wild flower poppy

wild flower

wild flower daisy

wild flower cornflowers

yelllow daisy wild flower

cornflower bloom and bud

white cornflower

wildflower cornflowers

pink cornflower

The colourful blooms of Summer are rapidly beginning to fade only to be replaced by the warm tones of Autumn, not sure which I prefer.

leafy wall



  1. On the whole I prefer the Autumn colours (but not the rain!) but like you I love dad comes over to help in the garden and asks me why I've got so many weeds... I threw such a diva strop when he pulled up my poppies last year that he just cuts the grass for me now!

  2. I love seeing wild flowers, they are so pretty. I particularly love the picture with the red leaves, a lovely sign of autumn x #HDYGG

  3. The wildflowers are pretty but those red leaves and that stone wall are so dramatic, I guess I'm an autumn girl...

  4. I love autumn and only wish we could skip straight to spring (my other favourite season) and not have winter in between. But maybe we need the downtime that is winter to then fully appreciate the rest of the year's full glory!

  5. I love wildflowers and it's been nice to see so many patches of them popping up everywhere this year. Cornflowers are one of my favourites and I've saved some seeds from the ones in my garden to plant next year. Lovely photos!

  6. i love wild flowers. unfortunately it is not something miami is big on but i get my fix when we visit west virginia in the summer

  7. See I have been all 'Oh isn't Autumn brilliant!' and now you have me pining for Summer again! Such colour and prettiness - I must get on the wildflower train next year for sure. First I need* a potting shed.


    Thank you for joining in again sausage x

  8. Yes, tricky. My favourite colour is red and I love the red spectrum of Autumn but I do miss the brightness of summer too. Such lovely wildflowers, I hope they bloom for you next year x

  9. I love wildflowers and I have aspirations for a bit of wildflower meadow in my new garden. A project for next year though, I think! I do love the colour of summer, but I adore autumn. The vibrancy of the leaves, even as they are getting ready to fall and make way for winter; is spectacular. #HDYGG

  10. What beautiful wildflowers and how fresh they look with the raindrops on. I hope you get some flowers from your seeds.

  11. I'm sure that your wildflower seeds will bloom, just keep them dry until planting out. How exciting! I always love autumn, but I forget that during the transition time and wish that summer will stay. I am all about Autumn right now though! Love it!


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