How To Keep a Child’s Innocence, Is It Possible?

As news spread of yet another brutal and inexcusable  murder this weekend I once again began to wonder what kind of world we’ve brought our children in to.

I’m not sure what kind of rose tinted glasses I had on when we decided we wanted to become parents. Obviously we’re aware of the dangers out there, those which threaten everyone in one way or another. We knew there were no certainties that we would be afforded a happily ever after, none of us are.

But I guess we were content in our bubble that most dangers could be avoided and wouldn’t touch our lives.

john milton innocence once lost can never be regained

As much as the horrors which occur every day around the world make me want to wrap my children in cotton wool and protect them from everyone and everything that could possibly harm them, I know I can’t.

They catch a glimpse of the news on TV, see headlines and images on newspapers in stores or dis-guarded on the train, they over hear snippets of conversations unsuitable for young ears.

They don’t need to know just how terrifying the real world can be, so a gentle explanation that there are some “horrid people out there”, will for now have to suffice.

One day, all too soon, they will realise just how nasty one man can be to another.

I hope that day doesn’t arrive for years and years to come.

I need them to keep their innocence and belief in all things good for as long as possible.


  1. Yes sadly as they get older it's impossible to keep them from realising that bad things do happen to good people. I remember the 9/11 tragedy happening just 6 weeks before my second daughter was born. I questioned then what kind of world i was bringing my child into. It terrified me to be honest. But I think you're right, we cannot protect them forever but for as long as possible x

  2. I wish we could wrap them up forever. The news over the last week has been horrible - so much bad in the world x

  3. Oh I agree, I wish so much that I never had to let my kids out of my sight. At the moment I am finding it tricky to know the balance between keeping Meg's innocence and then equipping her for being out in the 'real' world such as not going home with anyone she doesn't know's really scary to know the right answers isn't it!

  4. I turned the radio over the other day cause I didn't want them hearing how bad things are :-(

  5. Sadly I agree with you. I just recently had my baby girl (3 months ago) and every day I wonder why I brought her into this horrible world. I love her so dearly though! My question has always been, has the world been this horrible always or is this new? Is it just getting brought to our attention because of news media more heavily prominent?


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