How To ~ Leaf Garland with Glitter

I try to incorporate a little bit of nature around the house when decorating, so with an abundance of leaves from  our autumnal walks and two kids who needed something to do we made a leafy garland.

We could have left the leaves alone and just pegged them up, but the glitter was almost jumping off the shelf at me!

This was a super simple activity for the kids to get involved with, all you need are some leaves, glitter, craft glue, twine and some mini pegs.

How to leaf garland with glitter

Step 1. Use a paint brush to add some craft glue to the leaf; you can follow the veins of the leaves, random patterns or try a fancy design.

applying glue to a leaf for a leaf garland

Step 2. Sprinkle glitter all over the leaf, shake off any excess glitter and return it to the pot.

glittered leaves

Step 3. Use a mini peg to attach the glittery leaf to the twine.

leaf pegged to twine for a leaf garland

Repeat for each leaf.

glittery leaves pegged to twine

Step 4. Find a wall and hang up the garland!

glitter leaf garland


When collecting leaves try to keep them flat, I take a notebook out with me and press the leaves between the pages.

Try to gather a selection of different leaves and colours.

leaves for a leaf garland

Glitter glue would make much less mess and be a tad more child friendly than glue, paint brushes and pots of glitter!

Now it’s time to hoover up the mountains of glitter all over the floor!


  1. Oh I love this idea! Beautifully autumnal. You are so, so creative! x

  2. This is cute. It would look good during the fall. I love it! You did a great job.

  3. What a great idea, this would work really well with leaves we have around the farm. Popping by from Creative Mondays.

  4. Aww this is really pretty! Love the idea of adding glitter and making it into a garland :) xx #creativemondays

  5. Aww this is a lovely idea and so creative :)

    Thanks for linking up #CreativeMondays


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