Just Wishing and Hoping For Better Tomorrows

I’ve been in a somewhat reflective mood of late; perhaps the darker days, both physically and metaphorically, have something to do with it or maybe I’m just growing up a little {shudders at the thought}.

Either way, I’ve been thinking about my children and the world they will inherit.

From the seemingly never ending parental fears to the worry about everyday events it seems there is always some thing out there to threaten the joyfully cheerful attitudes of two wonderfully innocent boys.

But this is no way to live.

I can be neither naïve to, nor allow myself to become consumed by these thoughts and worries, they will get me exactly nowhere.

What I can do is have hope for their future.

Hopes for my children

What are your hopes for your children, or even yourself for that matter?

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  1. Yup, it's a scary world. I guess all you can do is give kids strong wings and a sense of direction.

    You put me in mind of that Dylan song 'Forever Young' - just spent 15mins clip hopping on youtube - oops!

  2. I just want them to be happy. I think that covers everything.

  3. They're lovely hopes, you should print that out for them :)

  4. I hope that my children outlive me and become happy, well balanced, healthy individuals with their own families. I hope I live to old age and die peacefully in my sleep with no regrets or awful illnesses! x

  5. What lovely hopes you have for your children....I wish the same for mine too!

  6. Aw hun, this made me fill up. I guess I hope every one of your statements is true for Baby too x #PoCoLo

  7. This is beautiful - and all the words ring so true with me. This weekend I have really seen Grace's compassion and I am so proud of her for this. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x

  8. Such a poignant post and beautiful words. All I've ever wished for my daughters is that they are happy and healthy...

  9. Beautifully written! I hope my children grow up to be happy. If you are happy, everything else just clicks into place.


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