Things I Gotta Do When We Go Camping!

The countdown is on!

We’re going camping this weekend, eek!

We’ve never been before and wanting to make the most of it I’ve come up with a Camping Bucket List, basically it’s a bunch of things for the kids and us to do which will hopefully make the weekend a fun filled time.

camping, things to do

These are just a few of the things I hope we get to with the boys, plus a while heap of spontaneous fun too!

The one thing I really really want to do, is make these babies!

the camping cook book smores

Any campers out there, what can you suggest we do on our camping trip?


  1. Awesome! Your going to have so much fun! I'd love s'mores too! Eat one for me. When I go I have to bring an air mattress though. Take lots of pictures!


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