Autumn, the last loveliest smile

autumn quote

If Autumn is indeed the last and loveliest smile of the year….what are we to admire next?!

It’s been a picturesque if a little confusing Autumn this year, the warmer weather has baffled the bulbs in to sprouting early, kept wildlife lingering and delayed the Summer flowers final bloom.


But now it seems Autumn is taking a hold and not letting go, the sun has been absent the past week; giving way to gloomy, rainy days. The persistent chilly winds are stripping the leaves off the trees, leaving them bare and lonely.

It hasn’t been until this year and taking part in How Does Your Garden Grow, that I’ve really taken any notice of nature, plant life especially, and I must admit the lack of colour and new life is somewhat depressing.

I’ve grown accustomed to seeing colour everywhere and the sweet scent of flowers in the garden.

Autumn berries

I’ve been spoilt by the sheer beauty of wildflowers on my walks and intrigued by the many phases of plants, flowers and trees as they grow.

My recent walk out and about provided what I guess was one of the final few days of colour before Autumn and Winter turn everything a shade of brown.



autumnal trees

autumn leaves

japanese  maple

make a wish


pink cosmos


left to rot


rosehip contrasts

The roses amazed me, lots of new buds sprouting next to existing blooms, whilst other roses decayed nearby, the contrast in them was startling.

pink bud

bloom and doom

pink rose and buds

rain drops on rode


peach rose

decaying petals

rose pink and white

No doubt we’ll be out for another walk this weekend, I’m rather intrigued as to what we will find now that Autumn has finally turned!

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  1. Autumn is a great season, I love all the colour and sunshine. But when Winter arrives I do like looking at the frost and ice. Need to keep my camera handy for the cold mornings that are on their way. Great photo of the leaves on the footpath :)

  2. Nature seems a little confused by the weather-I've got Spring Bulbs coming up at the moment! A lovely quote and beautiful celebration in images :)

  3. I too am missing colours now it's gone a bit more drizzly. I know there'll be lovely things out there but I suspect it's going to be a case of looking really realllllly hard to find them. Soon we'll have a Christmassy HDYGG featuring our Christmas Trees instead!

    Love those pink roses (it's wrong part of me is chanting ROLL ON SPRING! isn't it?!)

    Thanks for joining in again and enjoy getting out and about this weekend - fingers crossed for a dry one! x

  4. I think the weather has finally made up its mind here although the plants seem to think otherwise. I love autumn too. The beautiful Reds and golds in the leaves in particular. I am missing my red leaved trees now that the leaves are just a soggy mess on the ground...

  5. I love that quote, and I love autumn. It is definitely turning to winter here now though and things are looking rather dull. Absolutely love that photo of the berries against the blue sky x

  6. What a lovely quote. The butterfly was a lovely sight x #HDYGG

  7. It's been an odd autumn but it's definitely here now, I guess without autumn and winter we wouldn't appreciate the colours of spring and summer so much, but let's hope it's not a long winter hey?!

  8. It has been a bonkers season this Autumn! I've missed the crisp sunny days that I love but the foliage colours have been amazing.

  9. I too miss the colour of spring and summer once autumn takes it's hold but your photos are proof there is still some to be had if you know where to look ... and I think the lack of colour makes us appreciate so much more that which manges to survive each passing day.


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