Coastal Gatherings

This week I’ve spent heaps of time at the beach.

Even though it’s a bit chilly, a little stormy at times and the evenings are drawing in earlier I’ve been hankering to be outside.

Perhaps knowing that Winter is not too far away and trips out will come less often I’ve wanted my fill of the outdoors.

Breaking out of our after school routine has been so much fun; I feel like I’ve reconnected with my boys.

Never thought I’d miss that horrid school run, I really don’t, but I do miss those hours with my boys.

We’ve made up for it this week.

Whilst the boys were busy running around like loons I was scouting the beach for….odds and sods.

The tide lines are always an excellent place to find random items washed up.

I did a little gathering…

…bits of seaweed, a disappointing lack of colour, which got me wondering if seaweed is seasonal, and only colourful in the Summer.


…debris from the pier, so dangerous to wildlife and feet.

bits of the pier

…feathers, which will never take flight again.


…a lonesome shell.


…a family of shells, hiding neither treasure nor a hermit crab.


…and an autumnal leaf, blown far away from its tree.

autumnal leaf

It’s amazing what we find some times, some items are interesting, I wish those ones could tell their story. Other items are just a reflection on how lazy and selfish people are.

Other than the metal items, I left everything else where it was, as nature intended.

What’s the weirdest or most fascinating thing you found at the beach?


  1. I found a wallet on Brighton beach when I was a kid. There were receipts in it from a few years before so my parents let me spend the money on 2p machines! x


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