The Simple Things ~ An Afternoon Well Spent

It’s so very easy to take the passing of time for granted.

Days seep in to one another; routines and structure can make it difficult to differentiate one week from another.

I’ve noticed this is especially true now that the twins are in school.

When the boys asked to go to the beach today after school my answer was an immediate “yes”, it’s one of our favourite places to be, so off to the beach we went.

Within half an hour it was dark.

You could see night chasing away day.

day turns to night

Proper night-time dark.

And still the boys wanted to play.

Not even the raindrops, nor the occasional bolt of lightening and crash of thunder could persuade them to leave the beach and go home.

We sat and watched the moonrise.


They lay down and made stone angles, snow angles but in pebbles obviously!

Practised throwing rocks in to sea.

an evening at the beach

Clambered up and down the sea defences, seeing if they could jump higher than last time.

Caught raindrops and walked on walls.

We had a look at the progress being made on rebuilding the pier before having “running, jump hugs” {the boys run up to me, jump in to my arms and I spin them around}.

pier bro hugs

We could have so easily just come home, flumped before dinner, put on TV, tackled some homework or completed some other activity that seems to crowd the hours before bedtime.

I’m so glad we made the decision to break from routine and make some new memories.

When was the last time you broke your routine?


  1. Wow those photos! I am glad too that you went! What an amazing trip. Can I confess that we dont go to the beach as much now when its cold. This trip is so inspiring and I might give in when my son would request us to have our school run in the beach as well =) #brillblogposts

  2. This is just beautiful ...



  3. Gorgeous photos. Sometimes you've just got to say yes and it pays off! I love near the beach too but it's not pebbles it's quite muddy sand so not the best for angels in the autumn! I do think kids coMe up with the best ideas though. X

  4. How stunning is this post?! Wow, wow, wow! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts


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