How Does Your Garden Grow ~ A Years End

I’m rather ashamed to admit that until this year I rarely took any notice to the natural world around me, even that which was growing in our own back yard.

As the year rushes ever closer to its end nature seems to take a rest, well deserved, with just a few hardy plants and flowers offering any colour.


bare tree

frost on grass

frosted leaf

Berries seem to be thriving at the moment.

flowering berries

all the berries

red berries

bursting berry pods

bursting berry pods

Those purple berries I mentioned last week, terrible pic, but that colour!

purple berries

It has been rather awe inspiring to see how the tiniest of seed can thrive and grow. The sheer determination to survive is amazing.


petals through the year

Even as they begin to fade and die off I’ve been amazed at how beautiful their colours and structures remain.

autumn gatherings

What a beautiful, colourful year it has been!

I really am glad to have found this linky, not just for the inspiring photos, or the gorgeous days out but because it has really inspired me to not only keep our own gardens flowering, but it has really prompted me to take the blinkers off and actually see and appreciate the world around me.

Can’t wait to see what next year brings!


  1. It's been a great year for berries, the bushes and trees around here are covered with them. Gorgeous petal photos - makes me feel like it's Summer again :)

  2. Ah this has given me the warm fuzzies!

    I too have become a bit fascinated with seeds this year. Mind boggling how such big and beautiful things can grow from such tiny unassuming seeds isn't it?

    For now we'll have to make do with berries but soon - Spring bulbs and DAFFODILS! Yeah!

    Thanks for joining in again (and so much this year), it's been great :)

  3. Our berries are all doing well too, they add a much needed splash of colour. I must find out what those purple berries are, I want them! Gorgeous photos x

  4. Fab photos, you really show how it's not just flowers that are beautiful. A good year for berries here too, they are bringing very welcome colour but great for the birds too :)

  5. Here I am tail end Charlie, just catching up on my Sunday Photos from last Sunday! It's been a treat to get to know you (and your berries - you're right those purple ones are impressive!) through your weeks posts! Happy Christmas
    Wren x


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