The First Frost

Despite the damage frost can do to our gardens I absolutely adore those little icy flakes of crystals, everything looks so pretty and magical with a little sparkle don’t you think?

This week we saw our first frost, it almost made me miss the long school runs.

crunchy leaf and frost

ground frost

The first frost

Despite the rather blurgh weather we’ve had lately there was still a lovely carpet of autumnal leaves on the ground, and not the rotting slushy ones either, but those nice crispy, crunchy ones.

Oh how I shall miss these once they’ve all blown away.

carpet of auntumnal leaves

There were berries everywhere.

We saw the most gorgeous purple berries, but hubs gave me the “woman, we are not crossing the road to take photos of a bush in someone else's garden, now get up off the floor, you’ve already taken a dozen photos of that leaf” look, trust me, it looked amazing. The bush, not hubbys glare.

holy and red berries

pink berry

no idea but sure look pretty

pink berries

fat red berries

all the autumn colours

red berries and a wintery tree

red berries

holly bush

Amongst all the colourful berries was the odd flower clinging on ardently to life.

The roses seem the most determined to hang around.

dying rose

pretty rose


There was even a rather confused daisy or two making an appearance.


The most forlorn dandelion I ever did see…

half a wish is better than no wish

I’m always amazed by the contrasts we see in nature, be it within a single leaf…

red yellow and green

…or between the living and dead.


But what amazed me most as we walked about, was how the delicate ice crystals made even the most mundane looking leaf beautiful.

frosted maple leaf

Of course the silly ol’ sun made an appearance and soon enough the sparkles were melted away to leave behind nothing but a chill in the air and crunchy leaves under foot.


a lonely leaf

pavement cover


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  1. I think you can tell you're by the coast-the colours seem so much brighter than they are here. We've lost pretty much every leaf now and theres a distinct bareness about it all. Mind you, I do like looking at bare trees-love the intricacy of the branches.

  2. I like the frost too, although I do fear for my less hardy plants! Gorgeous photos and all those red berries have made me feel very Christmassy indeed :)

  3. A lovely selection of photographs to show the current mad weather! From summer roses to winter berries and the last remaining autumn leaves.

  4. such beautiful pictures Amanda. and i love frost. can't wait to see some when we go to west virginia for christmas

  5. I agree about the magic of frost, so much nicer than soggy damp mornings! Lovely festive photos :)

  6. Gorgeous crunchiness! I don't know how but I missed this frost that everyone else seems to have found this week :( I feel a bit left out! I've been up early hoping to see a blanket of white when I pull back the curtain, only to be greeted with drizzle and no frost!
    Your hubs sounds a bit like mine, maybe we need a support group for garden-windows ;)
    Blooming lovely photos missus - we'll be seeing bulbs poking up before we know it!
    Thanks for joining in again *ho ho ho*!

  7. Beautiful photos Amanda, the frosty ones are so pretty and I love all the berries. Very few leaves left here now, but the berries are definitely out in force :) #HDYGG

  8. I loved that frost too! Walking home on my own late Friday night it was all very sparkly under the street lamps. I just hope none of our friends saw me stopping and picking bits off the ground to admire them in the light!

  9. What fabulous berries, I really think you should have got some of the purple ones too despite hubby's glare. MOH has one of those looks too.... !! :)


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