The Season of Perspective

Christmas means many things to many people.

For some it has strong religious meanings, others see it as a time for spoiling themselves and others, some are a bit half and half; making their yearly trip to church for Mid Night mass whilst others couldn’t give two hoots about the whole thing and look forward to it all being over.

Whilst Christmas carols and advertisers harp on about “Goodwill to all men” it seems this time of year, rather than bringing out the best in us, actually brings out the worst.

It all kicked off on Black Friday, a truly shameful experience if you ended up in a physical or verbal altercation with a perfect stranger all for a few quid off a toaster or telly.

The past weekend proved some people really have nothing better to do than bemoan others positivity and happiness.  Just like with any celebration, be it wedding anniversaries, birthdays, divorce, or Fridays how we choose to celebrate Christmas is our own business and ours alone.

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Putting a Christmas tree up the weekend before December hurts no one, yet from the comments over the weekend you’d be forgiven for thinking a group of ninja stealthy elves had snuck in to a bunch of houses and forced people to put up Christmas decorations against their will.

It really is rather pitiful, that with so many real issues impacting individuals, that people find Christmas trees and elves perched on a shelf so damn offensive.

If it’s not taking place in your home, is it really any of your business?

So, before commenting snidely on how others decide to celebrate, take a moment to think about what business of yours their choices are.

Look for a little perspective in to the things you are letting upset you and rile you up, and ask yourself why a Christmas tree or an elf, in some strangers house offends you so much.


  1. Great post! I stay off social media as much as possible now, and I'm glad as I put my tree up last weekend! Live and let live I say! x

  2. Great rant Amanda & yep, it's entirely up to the individual when they choose to put their tree up. Ours won't be going up for a while as I'm waiting for at least one of my kids to come back from uni for the holidays & join in the fun.


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