The Simple Things ~ Keeping Sane at Christmas

Oh how easy it is to become flustered and overwhelmed this time of year.

This month seems crammed with too much to do, on top of the everyday things that need doing there must be a gazzilion more as well, even writing out my to do list has left me panicking!

Admittedly most of the pressure is self induced, but Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t feel like screaming and throwing a tantrum every day or so because things aren’t going as planned.

So, rather than get too overwhelmed this year I’m making sure I take some time out for me, I don’t want to get to the point where I just want it all to be over with, I want to actually enjoy Christmas!

Here are some ideas if you feel you’re becoming overwhelmed this holiday season.

Write a to do list and check it twice!

december to do list

Santa is definitely on to something with his whole checking lists thing, I’m sure there are things on the list of things to do you can either cross off as it’s not important, delegate to family to deal with or delay until things are less crazy! Anything you can take off your to do list means more time for you!

Go with the flow & don’t take things too seriously

If things don’t go as planned, it doesn’t matter. Some of our best days have been the ones we didn’t plan or went totally off any tentative plan we had.

Take a walk

taking a walk

Leave everything as it is and head out for a walk, take the family with you or head out alone. You might be lucky enough to see a few lingering signs of Autumn, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, either will help clear your head and bring some much needed calm.

Do nothing

coffee and a good book

Put on a movie,  make a cuppa & read a book or take a nap…snuggle under a blanket and do nothing! In the words of Elsa… “Let it go…”

Say NO

This is something we probably all need to apply to our lives in general and not just at Christmas. Accept you can’t do it all and say no demands on your time. Set boundaries for your time, family and home invasions and stick to them.

Take a bath

Grab a glass of your favourite drink, something to read and slip in to bath full of hot bubbles and just soak away the stress of the day. A candle or two helps too!

Have a rant!

Sometimes you just need to get it out, scream! You’ll feel much better.

Be silly

Stick on some cheesy Christmas songs and grab a dance partner or have a giggle with the kids.

red arrows

Whatever you do to relieve some of the stress from making this a Christmas to remember {for the right reasons} make sure you enjoy it!


  1. life is better with the ebb and flow x

  2. Oh I love this list. I need to do nothing and say no more often, when that fails a list is a fantastic resource! x

  3. Brilliant list lovely. Thank you for the reminder not to take it all too seriously! And now I'm back to singing "Let it go, let it go".

  4. Great list, and I agree with the "say no" especially! We are travelling back to the UK for a week to see family, but of course all our friends want us to visit them too. If we accepted every invitation we'd be in a different city every day! So lovely as it would be to see them, I have to say no to avoid utter exhaustion and actually get a holiday myself #brilliantblogposts

  5. Love this and need it, I feel like so many is going on, I need to do tonnes and I want to scream! Taking your advice and going for a walk instead! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  6. Great tips Amanda, thanks for the timely reminder to just do nothing from time to time x


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