After School Sunset

Between Christmas, New Year and getting back in to the routine of school, not to mention the awful weather we’ve been having, it’s not been that easy to get the boys out and about.

So when the kiddos wanted to go to the beach after school I was all for it, the little stinkers had been crazy hyper the previous few days and were driving me bonkers crazy.


sunset over hastings

We were fortunate to catch sunset, a rather lovely end to the day.

The boys wanted to play hide and seek, which I’m sure you can imagine isn’t all that easy when played on the beach…not many hiding places. Plus they don’t “do” quiet and you can hear them giggling a mile away.


my boys

We spent a while watching the guys working on the pier, pretty amazing, by now it was getting chilly and much too dark for any photos so this mama dragged the kids home.

welding the pier

Fingers crossed we can get out this weekend!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. I'm listening to the howling wind and thinking this is going to be a tough day!

  2. Such beautiful photos and stunning sunset too! Looks a bit cold, but with a sunset like that, I wouldn't mind at all ;) #countrykids.

  3. Far from crazy, I have done this too! It's lovely to get out now the nights are just beginning to draw out again and the beach in winter does offer the best sunsets. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  4. Awww a nice trip outside! My son can also spent a long time just watching at people do works. #countrykids

  5. It must be great seeing the pier getting rebuilt, slowly. I do love a nice sunset x

  6. How lovley! We are big lovers of the beach must of been fab to see the sunset! xx #countrykids


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