ColourMe Wellies ~Review

I was pretty excited when we were asked by the lovely el Rhey folk if we’d like to review their ColourMe Wellies. I first stumbled across el Rhey on Twitter and was immediately impressed with their ColourMe Wellies, who doesn’t want some colour to brighten up grey and rainy days?

el Rhey are a specialist children’s rainwear designer and wholesaler based in Bournemouth, UK who produce ColourMe Wellies.

colour me wellies


These wellies are designed with children in mind, with either a zebra or moth design, which is fully customable with the marker pens provided, any child is able to let their imagination run wild when colouring them in.

Colouring outside the lines is totally okay!

We received a pair of moth wellies along with 3 dual tipped coloured markers, which were promptly put to use as we coloured in our moths.

Once my little creative goobers had finished decorating their wellies it was time to test them out.

We were looking for a few things on our “Yay these are awesome and definitely worth buying” checklist.

Comfy fit

Comfy fit ~ Made from high quality natural super soft rubber with a lovely pink lining these wellies really are super cosy for little feet. They offer excellent foot support whilst not being too rigid for an active child.

Waterproof ~ Ahren wore his wellies whilst stomping in puddles, running through the rain and paddling in the sea and his little feet stayed toasty and warm.

Fun design ~ Oh yes! Ahren coloured in the moths in some pretty funky ways, and is looking forward to adding more doodles. These are as fun as your imagination allows.

Cleanable ~ Despite mud, sand and goodness know what else getting on the wellies a splash of water and they are good as new, with no damage to the coloured in areas.

Value for money ~ Definitely. There are two buying options, the Carry Pack which consists of a draw string bag, Moth or Zebra ColourMe Wellies and 3 dual tipped coloured markers to decorate the wellington boots, for £20.00.

And the Gift Pack which includes a pair of Moth or Zebra ColourMe Wellies, 3 dual tipped markers to decorate the wellington boots and an educational colouring book on African animals and bugs, for £25.00.


Ahren put his wellies through their paces at school, where they were a huge hit. A huge plus point is that they came back home, so many kids have the same wellies at school that it’s so easy for them to go walkabout, with ColourMe Wellies, even if every kid had a pair, no two sets would be the same, BONUS!

The wellies accompanied us on a trip to the park where they kept Ahrens little tootsies warm and dry, the grip soles were excellent in preventing any slips on the damp ground.

Ahren in his new wellies

Colour me wellies

Of course we had to take them to the beach, and I’m pleased to say they held up really well.

Ahren had a little paddle out to sea and his feet still remained dry and unlike with other wellie boots he’s had there was no rubbing of his heels nor complaints of them being too stiff to walk.

testing his wellies in the water

Over all we were all super impressed with ColourMe Wellies, the only draw back I can think of is the limited number of pens, but Sharpies make a pretty good alternative if your kid really needs to add some extra colour. As the marker pens are permanent kids should be supervised and encouraged not to colour in either themselves or their brother!

Now I’m just twiddling my thumbs until they make these in adult sizes, ‘cause I kinda really do need them!


  1. These are really cool. I want some! Haha. They look comfy for stomping around in too. I hope you guys are having a great weekend!

  2. Those wellies look such a fantastic idea, any colour you like, a completely personalised design and well made too! LP would love them x

  3. I'm such a control freak, I would have coloured them in myself!


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