Do You Take Your Health For Granted?

It’s fair to say I lost pretty much all and any inhibitions during labour.

Wanting my babies born safe and healthy took precedence over any embarrassment I may have felt being examined, prodded and poked, yet when it comes to my own health I’m ridiculously embarrassed at the thought of any procedure where things might get…personal.

So, when I a letter arrived inviting me for my cervical screening test back in early December I put it off.

I convinced myself with pitiful excuses that I was too busy, Christmas was coming up, school activities to be attended and there was housework to be done.

Basically, anything I could possibly think up to delay making the appointment, I did.

The other week I finally booked the appointment.

I had the appointment last Monday, and whilst it was uncomfortable and yes, kinda embarrassing, it was all done and over with relatively quickly.

And could’ve save my life if anything concerning was found.

Now after waiting just over a week all is well, results came back totally fine.

I didn’t realise until getting the okay, just how worked up I had made myself waiting not only for the procedure itself but also the results.

I never would have delayed any examination or tests for my children, yet my when it came down to my own health I have in a sense been rather reckless.

Spending over a month agonising over a simple procedure was causing me undue stress which no doubt the kids picked up on and, heaven forbid, if something was wrong would have only delayed in getting treatment.

This whole experience has taught me a valuable lesson, whilst it is imperative that I do what I can to ensure my children are healthy and receive any treatment necessary to remain so, I {and their father} also need to take care of my own health.

Who after all, will look after them and their weird, quirky needs if I’m unwell or god forbid, no longer here to be their mama?

If you receive an reminder for a check up or have any concerns or niggles about your own health, physical or mental, make an appointment and get checked out.

You owe it not only to yourself but also your family.


  1. I had my invite letter a couple of weeks ago and waited a few days until I went to the doctors for A's jabs before I booked the appointment. I joked to the receptionist that as they only happen every few years a few days won't make a difference but I know really how easy it is for days to turn into weeks and weeks into months x

  2. Having lost a couple of friends to cervical cancer I know how important it is to have the test. I hate going, it is unpleasant but a necessity to ensure that I am here to see my beautiful boy grow up. Plus I want to stick around to be the crazy 130 yr old lady in the jet powered wheelchair that I keep threatening to be 😄

  3. I totally agree. I was just the same and put off cervical screening, but you're right we should take care of ourselves. x #BrilliantBlogPosts


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