How Does Your Garden Grow…

Hands up who else forgot to plant the bulbs out on time?

Whilst pootling about yesterday I found some tulip bulbs, which had begun sprouting whilst in their paper bag, gah!

tulip bulbs

I finally managed to get them all planted in the garden, gardening in the rain isn’t too bad, and now I just have to cross my fingers crossed they actually bloom!

As I was looking for suitable bulb placement spots I realised just how much growth is happening in the garden, between all the muck and dead leaves are an awful lot of bulbs popping up.

No early bloomers but I have hope for a colourful Spring.

The Spring bulbs along the seafront have also begun to make an appearance among the flowers already blooming, I can not wait for the riot of colour that will accompany my beach walks in the not to distant future.

spring bulbs


I can not get enough of these crazy purple flowers, I love them!

purple flowers

all the purple

There are still plenty of signs of Autumn and Winter lingering around, the contrast of colours at the moment is amazing.

autumn colours


little mushrooms

The ever changing weather this week soon took my morning stroll from this…

about to bloom

…to this, at which point I decided to call it a day and start planning what seeds to plant in the greenhouse.

honey suckle

Alas, I didn’t get round to using the petals from last week in handmade paper, but in true Blue Peter style, here’s some I made earlier.

handmade paper


How Does Your Garden Grow


  1. Love the handmade paper. I remembered my bulbs although they had started sprouting in December (which is when I remembered them!) I'm hoping like you that they will still bloom anyway.

  2. Our daffodil bulbs had started to sprout in the bag last year but I put them in the ground and they all did fine. Are your purple flowers a hebe? Love the handmade paper, very pretty!

  3. Yup, that's me. I did buy with good intention and then tidied them away and forgot. Ours were daffodils so it really is too late.

    Gorgeous photographs.

  4. your garden looks so beautiful!! not too wintery at all. and i too love those purple flowers

  5. I love a flower garden. When they first start to pop up out of the ground in the near end of winter really makes my heart flutter. My mom taught me to look for her crocuses every Spring to prove that winter was almost over. I need to plant crocuses next year.

  6. We planted some spring bulbs in our front garden last year and they are just starting to flower. I'm not sure what we did with the excess so I'd better go and have a search for them! Loving your bright blooms at the moment.

  7. Ooo I would love to try to make paper like that! Well done on get ting the bulbs out - I got mine out on the last day of 2014 and they had started to sprout - and a couple had even gone mouldy *boak*. Know idea if any will survive and come up but fingers crossed! I love that you have so many colours by the beach there, we have a few here but nothing like the beauties you get.
    Thank you for joining in again pickle x

  8. There's loads of colour out there! I haven't had a good look around my garden for several weeks, so I'm now wondering what might be sprouting up out there. Looking forward to spring!

  9. Amazing the amount of blooms and colour you still have in the garden - the leaves on the flowering shrub are spectacular too. Beautiful captures.

  10. Lovely to see so much colour in January. Your paper is wonderful, I think my kids would love to try that with petals from their little plots this Summer - thanks for the inspiration :)

  11. Those colors are amazing! I cant wait to see them in spring! #hdygg

  12. Beautiful handmade paper - and well done for getting those newly found bulbs in already. I found some alliums and have still to plant them, I will though or there'll be no chance of them flowering! #hdygg

  13. What a wonderful mix of seasons! Your crazy pink flower is a hebe and your bulbs should be fine, possibly just flowering a bit later than normal ... tulips like going in later than most bulbs anyway :)


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