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After lusting over the glorious photos you guys keep posting of your hydrangea’s I finally picked one up. I shall call her Bloomy, we’ve had shoddy weather since I bought her, so no photo, instead here’s one the the flowers I picked up the other week, still going strong!

jam jar flowers


We had a gorgeous Spring like day here on Tuesday, thankfully I was over the worst of Germagedon and was able to get out in the garden and faff about. Gone are the totally dead and woebegone plants to make way for a Spring planting session which I’m kicking off with these little darlings.

petals after the rain

raindrops on petals

There are TONS of bulbs shooting up, I haven’t a bloomin’ clue what 98% of them are except for 4 hyacinths, 12 tulips and some of those funny blue~purple knobbly bobbly ones. Everything else that pops up will be a very pleasant surprise.

After sowing a bunch of seeds it was off to the local garden centre for some odds and sods, walking in to the greenhouse there is always fun, you never know what they will have.

These are some of my favourites which might be making an appearance in the garden if I can sweet talk hubby!


bedding plants

tiny and perfect



It felt great to actually get out in the garden and do some faffing about, fingers crossed for some milder days ahead!

How Does Your Garden Grow


  1. every time i come here i keep tinking that winter has not reached you because you are surrounded by color! always

  2. HYDRANGEA YEAH! Oh I am well jel - I need to get one too!
    No blubs poking up here yet sadly, hope they start soon. And there is SO much colour in this post it's making me feel positively perky!
    Thanks for joining in again lovely xx

  3. ah yes, I'm really keen to add a hydrangea to our garden too. I hope the weather turns soon, I'm looking forward to having a potter in our garden! x

  4. Considering the snow I'm dealing with at the moment, it is absolutely wonderful to see some colour. I adore our hydrangea, look forward to seeing yours x #hdygg

  5. Purpley- blue knobbly ones sound like they could be grape hyacinths! But I think I prefer your name :) #hdygg

  6. I feel happier after seeing all the gorgeous colours of flowers in your post! Beautiful captures which certainly put a smile on my face.

  7. I love all the colour in this post, for some reason it's making me think of sugared almonds :)

    I'm desperate to get out and potter in the garden, its a guaranteed mood-lifter - I need the snow to disappear first though. Hydrangea is on my wish list for this year too, can't wait to get that one installed!

  8. Look at all that colour! And yay to your new hydrangea-fab name for her (got to be a she) too :)

  9. Thank you for this riot of colour. After a hint of spring earlier, today we have snow.
    I agree with Stephanie your funny blue~purple knobbly bobbly ones do sound like grape hyacinths (Muscari)


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