How To ~ Pom Pom Blooms

I’m rather loving all things pompom at the moment, yet there are only so many pompom garlands a home needs, I lie, a home can never have enough!

But I wanted to try something a little different so decided on some pompom blooms, a pop of fun colour on these grey and dreary Winter days.

What you need


Florist tape

Florist wires

diy pom pom bloom supplies

Take your pompom and insert a florist wire through the centre.

diy pompom bloom wire stem

Bend the top, a half inch or so, of the florist wire back on itself, until you make a hook.

diy pompom bloom securing the stem

Carefully pull the pompom back up the wire until the hook is secured in the body of the pompom. Pinch the wire hook closed.

Use the florist tape to wrap the wire, this step isn’t entirely necessary, it just gives a nicer appearance to the “stem”.

diy pompom bloom wrapping the stem

Repeat process as many times as you like until you have a bunch of pompom blooms.

pompom blooms

Pop them in a jar or vase and marvel at the colourful fluffy blooms that will last for yonks!

pompom blooms

These are an ideal craft for children to get involved with, and with the vast array of yarns/pompoms available the colour combos are endless!


  1. You can never have too many bright and lovely garlands! Love your bunch of blooms, lovely idea x


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