Something New

When is the last time you learnt something new, just for the sake of learning something?

I’ve always wanted to knit, I remember my nana teaching me to knit when I was a little girl, it did not go well. The whole thing was just a tangle of yarn, needles jabbed in to the sofa and one stroppy little girl.

Over the years it’s something I’ve tried to pick up but was never able to get the hang of, until Sunday.

I watched a few youtube videos, naturally each one had a different technique, and I gave up, it was just too dang hard.

The next morning it all just clicked and BOOM I was knitting!


Nothing fancy but I was doing it!

knitting progress

After years of just not “getting it” I was whizzing along and started combining different coloured threads until I had enough for a teeny tiny blanket. For the first time ever I was able to cast off a knitting project; as a child I would just yank the entire thing off the needle and then cry when the whole thing when wrong!

cast off

Here it is in use as a blanket for little Oleg and Grub.

finished project

I doubt I will progress much beyond what I’m doing now, but it feels so good to have learnt something I’ve wanted to do for years. Over the years it seems I’ve been “too busy” to learn anything just for the sake of it, most things are learnt for work or some aspect of parenting, never really just for the joy and satisfaction of developing a skill or gaining knowledge purely for the satisfaction of doing so.

So, it’s a New Year, what do you plan of learning just for sake of learning?


  1. Oh yay! I took up knitting just before I started blogging and sadly it got very quickly sidelined! x


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