The Week That Was…

full of endings and new beginnings.

The week of a New Year always amazes me, being able to say “last year” when referring to a few days, whoa!

Between the kids being off school, huba having a break from work, Christmas, New Year and a stonking cold just for me I really had no clue as to what day it was.

Hubs proved just how much he loves me when he bought me balsam and menthol tissues, if that doesn’t say true love…well I don’t know what does!


cold kits

This week has been one great brain fart of chocolates, alcohol, flu remedies, pj’s, Christmas decorations and well, not much else!

I did manage to get out for some fresh air and capture a beautiful last hurrah of a sunrise. The beach was frosty and oh so wonderfully sparkly in the early morning sun.

last sunrise of last year

We took the decorations down this week, I hate how cold and bare the house looks and feels once the Christmas decorations are packed away, so I’m now on the hunt for some splashes of colour to cheer the place up.

switching out decorations

Ethan the little poppet had an appointment with the ENT folk at hospital this week, poor little sausage wasn’t happy about something, not sure what but a cheeky donut soon cheered him up.

tears after ent

Ahren got his cute on this week. He’s my Sugah Sugah, if mama wants a cuddle I just need to say “Gimme some sugah Sugah” and he’s all over the mama cuddles.

Oh and he loves me. He wrote it in pink ink with hearts so it must be true!

my sugah

I can’t abide doing nothing, so whilst I’ve been rather useless to do much this week I was able to crack on with a few crafty projects. My mama bought me a loom for Christmas, yay! Just waiting on a stash of yarn to be delivered before I can really crack on with projects.

yarn time

And that’s our week, I’m trying to ignore the fact that the kids go back on Tuesday, really not sure who will find it more difficult with the early mornings, possibly me.

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  1. I hope you're feeling better. Amanda your photos are amazing. Have decided to improve my photo skills this year and yours are a real inspiration.

  2. Oh I have had no idea what day it is for the last two weeks, I can't even blame being ill!! Your pictures are lovely, I'm a little jealous of your loom too!

  3. That sunrise is absolutely gorgeous! and the hot chocolate looks amazeballs! Lovely round up of your week xx

  4. Sorry to hear you've been poorly but well done for managing to get out.

    Lovely photos. :)


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  5. Oh no sorry to hear about the cold, I hope you are better now. The sunrise picture is stunning x #TWTWC

  6. Love your sunset picture. Stunning.
    Hope you are feeling better soon #TWTWC

  7. Hope you're feeling better already. Happy 2015 Amanda x

  8. Ah sorry you've been feeling so poorly :( Love your boys and their mummy cuddles - nothing better is there? I always go on a dash to buy new pictures/ornaments in January cos the house feel so bare! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and weren't too sad when the boys went back today :( x

  9. Cold kit #2 looks like my sort of remedy ;) Husband did good ;) Your pompoms look fab :)

    So glad to have you back - thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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