The Week That Was…

…painful, wet and exciting.

The first week of a New Year always confuses me, it takes me a while to get in to the swing of a different year, month and day malarkey.


Oh Monday, how you bemused me. Hubs was back at work, the kids and I refused to get dressed, it was our last day before school. Whilst we mucked about, read a bit, painted somewhat, played with Lego and generally faffed about I was worrying that I’d got the dates mixed up and should have sent the little stinkers to school.

Thankfully I had the right dates!


I was so unprepared for the return to school. Adding to the flapping around of one sleepy mama was the school bus being cancelled and little ol me having to drag the kids to school. Somehow I managed to get us all out the house on time dressed, washed and fed! Hurrah!!

The walk to school was a pain in the butt, but I did love the extra time I had with the boys.

The boys came home with Christmas gifts from their teachers and a bunch of Christmas card, which was very sweet.

My little tinkers confirmed their daftness by requesting a trip to the beach after school, it’s cold down there this time of year, brrr!


This morning started off with the boys falling asleep on the sofa, adorable but not at all helpful!

second day back

Once I had the kiddos successfully seated on the school bus I took myself off for a walk on the beach to catch the sunrise, and oh boy was I glad I did. I shall really miss these once they start getting earlier in the day.



I watched the guys working on the pier for awhile, these guys work some crazy hours.

sunrise and pier

Oh what a pretty mail day it was! Some ladies love shoes, not me, nope I’m a craft supply lover, got lots of creative ideas just waiting to bust out of me.

felt and thread


Could it have rained anymore today? We got soaked waiting for the school bus. I felt like a right noob standing on the corner in the rain with my two little ones wrapped up and sheltering under a brolly. The next time the bus is late, leaving us standing in the rain, I’m going to go loco mama crazy!!

We got more lovely mail! I do love happy mail, we should ban any and all bad or sad mail. Immediately.

colour me wellies

And an attempt at house cleaning which really didn’t prove very successful, I can’t cope with this miserable, dank weather, it’s really getting to me.


Oh Friday, you were made for trips to Waitrose and a sneaky purchase of New York cheesecake.

A stroll through the park proved a rather death defying adventure, how bloomin’ slipy are those Autumn leaves with all that rain on top?!

pops of colour

Ahren finished the week off by being awarded a certificate and star pin for being star of the day 3 times, a proud mama moment for sure.

I’ve found this week rather difficult to be honest, a New Year and the kids back at school just when we’d settled back in to a routine of all being together. I’m hoping next week sees me settled once again, if not I will be needing more cheesecake.



  1. That sunrise looks stunning. What are you planning to make with your craft supplies? I love a bit of felt :) #TWTWC

  2. Colour me wellies - wow.

    The photos from the beach are gorgeous.


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. Oh I am loving your pretty post! Lovely post is the best kind. I wish I could see sunrises like that, where the sky meets the sea - it looks perfect! x

  4. that sun rise is just beautiful i live by the sea as well (poole) lovely isn't it! x

  5. Your sunset photos are beautiful! But those colour me wellies - I love!! Going to have a look to see if I can find those :)

  6. Thanks for making us part of your blog! You can buy ColourMe Wellies at

    Have a lovely weekend! xx

  7. Those wellies look AMAZING! Does the pen rub off? Gorgeous photos of the pier!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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