The week that was

embarrassing, snotty and wet.


Oh boy! Today I had my cervical smear test {sorry if TMI} I’d been putting it off, what with Christmas, New Year and all that jazz, but finally made my appointment. It is not the way I want to start any week.

And then Ethan went and fell ill and couldn’t go to school!

Arrrggghhhh so there I am, all ready for my appointment and I have a 5 year old in tow, so not what I needed. Thankfully we got it all sorted and none of us were left scared for life.

I treated myself to mini eggs, cause I was brave girl!

mon 12 jan


Oh Tuesday, what a wet and dreary day you were. Ethan was once again poorly so I kept him with me again, which resulted in me doing not much of anything to be honest.

I did notice the sunrises are getting earlier, so am planning a few early morning beach trips to capture the sunrise before they get too early, this mama likes her sleep!

tues 13 jan

I busted out the sewing machine, gah! Sewing felt is a pain in the butt, but I got it eventually, it’s all in the tension.

Bit of a panic with picking Ahren from school, little bugger was having a hard core nap, Ahren got dropped off early, Spanky’s train was delayed so I’m rushing round like a look to wake up a poorly sick boy, collect Ahren whilst remembering to switch my pj bottoms for jeans, gah!


Both boys went to school, hurrah.

I needed to stretch my legs after being cooped with Ethan for two days so took a stroll along the beach, and was amazed by the colour still lingering.

I was a little out of sorts so spent some time faffing about with pretty things and a few craft projects.

weds 14 jan


Total brain fart, I actually have no idea what happened on this day.

There was faffing and pompom making.

thurs 15 jan


Oh I love Fridays, getting ready for a weekend of nothing is hard work!

I decided on another beach stroll, which was all lovely, until the blue sky turned gun metal grey and the heavens opened. The poxy weather really couldn’t decide if it wanted to rain, sleet or snow…so it decided to do all 3. And it was cold and wet and cold. Did I mention it was cold.

fri 16 jan

The boys came home from school crazy hyper so we hit the beach to run off some of their energy, we got completely side-tracked by the pier building guys. I really want a go with one of those digger doodahs, looks like so much fun.


Woke up early to catch the sunrise, with the days getting brighter earlier I wanted to catch the sunrise before they get too early, and man oh man was it a good one.

Frozen sunrise

I came back half frozen to find my boys eating waffles pretending to be ducks, as you do!

boys and waffles

Fingers crossed that the next week is free from bugs!

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  1. Lovely round up of your week, That sunset!! WOW! Makes me want to get up and try and get one of my own.... almost Haha!

  2. Love the variety of your photos.
    I now REALLY want mini eggs! ;)


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. Beautiful photos! Oh no - how awkward was your appointment?! Haha! Still, I'm glad neither of you are scarred from it!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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