The Week That Was…


Seriously, we’ve been so ill. It all started last weekend and honestly, I can’t remember being so sick. Thankfully over the week we’ve all got better, but a ruined weekend, days of work and school and hubs being sent home from work led to a very “woe is me” week.


Umm yeah, we we’re all sick but I did manage to learn how to knit, yay me!

knitting progress and wooden hearts



I could have sworn Spring started today, alas it didn’t last long.

I did however get to pootle and faff about in the garden and squeeze in a trip to the garden centre. Poor ol’ hubs got sent home from work.

Ahren and flowers


I got ridiculously excited when I learnt how to combine two different coloured yarns whilst knitting and how to cast off, only taken me a number of years to do this!

Petals, knitting and flowers

And I had a proud mama moment when my boys came home with Star of the Day certificates.


I seem to have at least one day a week when I forget pretty much anything that happened…this was that day!


With hubs birthday next week I hit the shops and picked up a few things for him, including the traditional cheeky/naughty birthday day, and Batman wrapping paper, because no man is too old for Batman.

Coffee, paper and twine

I had a moment of panic when I realised I was going to have hubby home for a week then the kids home for half term the week after, this mama needs her quiet time!!

arrow border

Thankfully we’re all much better and I’m really rather looking forward to having hubs home from work next week.

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  1. I don't think I would be any good at knitting, the thought of having to control TWO needles just doesn't sit well! But what you have achieved it wonderful! Did you teach yourself? Crochet is definitely more my thing ;) So sorry you have all been ill, glad you are perking all up! xx

  2. Beautiful flower pictures. I can't wait to see flowers in the garden again, but until then we enjoy the garden centres. I used to love knitting, seeing your pictures has made me want to dig out my knitting needles again :-) x #TWTWC

  3. Every week I forget a day too! Glad it's not just me!! I hope you're feeling brighter, all of you actually. I love how you write out your week posts, so fun and colourful too. Well done on the knitting i can't do it for the life of me! xx

  4. So glad you're much better. We've had a week of lurgy too but - touch wood - we're all fine now apart from teethign hell x

  5. Too many of my weeks get lost in a haze of lack of memory, and a blog is to archive memories so I really need to DO the week that was captured. LOVE your photography. Such a beautifully laid out post. xxx

  6. Glad you're all feeling better, I am so jealous of the knitting. I have tried and tried but just never get anywhere with it :)

  7. Oh such pretty pictures, we all had flu before Christmas and it was miserable so I'm not sure how you ever managed to learn a new skill through it! Pleased to hear you're all feeling much better! #TWTWC

  8. Awesome! Go you with all the different colours, and well done to the boys - you must be SO proud!!!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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