Winter Walk ~ Without Any Snow

A cosy afternoon snuggled up by the fire or romping through the woods, those seem to be only acceptable ways to spend a weekend this time of year.

We opted for a romp through Oxleas Woods on a recent visit to nannie and doopa, turns out being stuck in a car for 2 hours and copious amounts of chocolate give children all the hyper feels for a few days. Running off the crazy in the woods was very much needed!


the woods

I love that other than telling the kids not to do anything too stupid you can pretty much leave them to do their own thing when in the woods, their imaginations run riot and they find their own fun and entertainment

view from the top of the hill

I’m always amazed at the open spaces we have in London, such a blessing.

a well trod path

They had so much fun…

a game of chase

from the crazy excitement of climbing a tree stump…

tree stump

to crawling along felled trees…

clambering logs

to the giddy joy that can only be found in throwing crunchy leaves

leaf fight

They were full of smiles!

log walking

new hat.

They really enjoyed stumbling across this old water tank.

exploring a disused water tank

I almost pee’d myself laughing when I saw what was tagged on the tree behind them!

can you see it

Not sure why anyone would want to tag a bunch of trees, but there were a whole bunch of trees tagged with the same word, my immature humour found it hilarious, especially when the boys saw the words and ran off screaming “AAARRRGHHHHH COCKS”.

Yes, I know, I’m very immature.

After all that excitement we decided to head home; the boys were suitably knackered and we’d all had a laugh, a rather lovely afternoon was had.

an old fence

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  1. Beautiful photos filled with fun and joy on your boys faces. I love a good wintery walk or a walk anytime really but Luca just gets fed up. Can't wait for him to be a bit older and enjoy it more. Happy New year! X

  2. Aw, these are lovely pictures! I'm new to the Country Kids linky and have been on a 2 year blogging break, but am loving looking through all these photos!

  3. Love the woodland! We live by the coast too, so to get to one, we actually need to drive, though actually, we do have one that's within walking distance. Love the photos too, looks so much fun and cold! Then again, when the kids run around like that, I bet they don't feel it at all. Anyway, hope the new year brings in more blessings for you and your lovely family. #countrykids.

  4. So wild and free.. I love wide open spaces! Great post and happy 2015!!

  5. Oh this looks like a wonderful day out. Your photos don't look like winter at all - it's still too mild really isn't it?! x

  6. Hahaha I would have laughed at the tags too!! Great capture of that which I'm sure the boys will LOVE when they are older - especially if you caption it with the "AAARRRGHHHHH COCKS" comment.

    A good run around does wonders for my kids!

  7. They look like they've had a fine old adventure! Love the leaf throwing picture.

  8. Cocks (giggling like a schoolgirl!) ha ha it looks as though you had a lovely time in the woods, whilst I'm not 100% convinced about the recent 'warm' winter weather we've been experiencing it does give a different perspective to the winter as your post shows.

    Visiting from #countrykids

  9. It looks like you had a great day out exploring the woods, the boys look like they're having a fabulous time. I love the leaf throwing photo in particular, there's some serious smiles going on in those photos. What an odd thing to tag the trees with, definitely worth it for the chuckles though! Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  10. Woods have got to be one of the best places to play haven't they? Looks like the boys took full advantage and enjoyed every minute of it x


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