Dance Like Nobody Is Watching

It’s a well known secret that the kids and I like to dance, unlike me however these two will bust a move absolutely anywhere.

One of their favourite places is the High Street when their favourite busker is playing, Slim Lightfoot.

It costs me a small fortune whenever we’re fortunate to see him play, but it’s always worth it to capture moments like this.

Love these two fart nuggets and their confidence to just do whatever, wherever they are.

I like to think they are getting ready for #Danceathon  for Red Nose Day

Mum of Three World


  1. Oh I can't see the video. It says playback has been disabled by the video owner. I love it when little ones dance though. All three of mine will happily dance anywhere too. #loudnproud

  2. Eeek! Can you tell this is the first video I put on youtube? Think I fixed it!

  3. Sarah MumofThree World12 February 2015 at 21:46

    That's brilliant! I love it when kids just dance and they feel no embarrassment whatsoever (and why should they?!). I'm pleased that my daughter is nearly 9 and will still dance anywhere.

  4. I just love their confidence! What incredible boys you have x

  5. That is too cute!!

  6. This is awesome! What amazing confidence they have! Absolutley love it :) xx #loudnproud

  7. How brilliant are your boys! Here's hoping they never grow too old to stop dancing as though no one's watching x


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