Half Term Grump

Is it the law of sod or just bad timing?

We anxiously wait for the school holidays, counting down the days whilst grumbling about early morning, stroppy sleepy kids and last minute homework knowing that eventually a school holiday will roll around, and we’ll get to enjoy time with the kids without feeling the pressure of educational responsibilities baring down on us.

And now, here we are on Monday afternoon of Half Term and I have two kidlets with stinking colds; snot everywhere, coughs and red gunky eyes.

sleepy bros


A fun a exciting start to the break from school it isn’t.

And the weather is miserable and raining.

All the tentative plans I had are at the moment out the window, when these guys get colds they get them hard, but no doubt they’ll be all fine and tip top for school once it starts again next week, isn’t it always the way?

Until then I shall enjoy the snuggle cuddles and hope we can a few days of fun out of this break from school.

bro hugs

If not, there is always the Easter Holidays to look forward to…


  1. Aww! Bless them! I hope they feel better soon x

  2. That is definitely sods law! After a month of illness both kids here now have the sh*ts. Sods law indeed!! x


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