How Does Your Garden Grow


To be honest there isn’t much going on in the garden at the moment, we’re waiting for the bulbs which have sprouted to actually do something!

Whilst our garden is waiting for the Spring bulbs to bloom it seems that other areas of town are already blooming.

The other day I noticed our local church was looking rather colourful, there was holly and berries, daffodils and what I’m calling blossom.


church daffs#

blossom tree

There was also a bundle of blooms on an embankment, which added a really lovely pop of colour, I may have crossed the road, climbed a wall and got down on all fours to see them. Totally worth it.



snow drops

pretty blooms

I’ve gotten rather fed up with the lack of colour in the garden, so I spent some time faffing about with flowers indoors.



blooms in bottles

a pretty bloom

Fingers crossed something more exciting than green bulbs popping up in the garden happens soon, I need more colour in my life!

How Does Your Garden Grow


  1. Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who'll do anything for a photo - and it was worth it :) I bought a bunch of cut daffodils yesterday, looking forward to a burst of colour in the house when they bloom.

  2. Oh, how I love daffodils. So much gorgeousness and so bright and cheery. And blossom too, you're getting me all excited about Spring :)

  3. That looks like blossom to me! Loving the little bottles full of flowers, I am doing similar here with hyacinths, maybe we are starting a trend -make your own colour! Sign up for the seed swap so we can get some colour on our windowsills at least ;)
    I am positively craving blossom, daffodil fields and load of colour! I am so with you on this - bring on the colour!!! Word is the clocks change in 7 weeks *gets excited*
    Thanks for joining in again - I cannot wait for the colour of Spring / Summer! x

  4. Awww pretty! My son studies near a church and thats where I take a lot of my hdygg photos but its still bare now. Maybe in a few weeks!

    Love the blooms in the table. Looks so chic! #hdygg

  5. Love the blossoms in glass jars (off to steal this idea). So agree that need colour, and lots of it, soon please.

  6. Blimey blossom already, that is early - it looks like blossom to me too - crazy mixed up tree! Love the overhead shot of the Daffs too #hdygg

  7. I think that is a very impressive amount of colour for February and all your plants obviously like an early start down by the sea. Not much a'stirring here in Normandy yet.


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