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It would seem there is much to learn about this gardening malarky.

Frost is an absolute bugger!

I was utterly dismayed last week when I noticed my brand spanking new hydrangea had succumbed to frost, the poor thing was flumped over, wilted and looking incredibly sorry for it’s self. I replanted it in the greenhouse, tucked up nice and warm, hoping I could bring it back.

Thankfully my puppy eyes, pouty bottom lip and sniffles were enough for hubby to whisk me back to the garden centre to buy a new hydrangea, on the off chance that Bloomy doesn’t make it.

I introduce…BT, Bloomy Two, isn’t she gorgeous!

pink hydreanga


I’m in love with those pink petals!

Whilst pootling around the garden centre I came to the not so unexpected realisation that I need more garden, so many plants so little garden!

bedding plants

colourful planter

pinks and yellow

pretty and green


And tiny plant pots, I need tiny plant pots for tiny, perfectly formed blooms.

tiny blooms

pink petals

red petals and buds

I also need an elegant pot for an Orchid, elegant flowers deserve elegant pots.

I’ve never used the word elegant so many times!



I also need Gerbera’s, my most favourite flower of all.


dusty petals

pink gerberas

Other than these, which I just adore.

my new favs

So, I need lots more garden, pots and flowers. But really most of all I need to start taking this gardening malarkey a little more seriously and not just dig a hole, whack a plant in it and hope for the best.

Whilst getting all giddy over BT, I managed to do a little gardening, planting out some bedding plants and bulbs, who knew a fruit bowl could be a planter?!

fruit bowl planter


fruit bowl planter

Joining in with How Does Your Garden Grow for more gardeny goodness

How Does Your Garden Grow


  1. Ooooh, I've never seen a hydrangea in that orangey pink colour, it's fantastic. I also feel like there are too many plants and not enough space in my garden. My wishlist is huge but I have to keep telling myself to be realistic and not buy more than I can fit in!

  2. lots of beautiful colors going on in this post. looks like you got some major plans for your future garden. i'm sure it will look very..... elegant! ;)

  3. colours galore - just what I needed today *looks out window at ANOTHER grey day glumly*
    Must get myself off down the garden centre stat!

    If it helps I forgot my herbs were on the doorstep - now they are frozen black stems!!!

    Thanks for joining in again lovely lady and for bringing the colour :)

  4. Oh i need to have one of your tissues my brand new hydrangea also coughed it to frost and it was a lovely pink/purple colour, i will have to take a leaf from your book and just go shopping again

  5. Lots of lovely colour, and so glad it's not just me who's like a kid in a sweetshop at the garden centre!

    I have a hydrangea winging it's way to me mail order as we speak, if I hadn't read this I would have just planted it out so thank you!

  6. What a lovely burst of colour and I do hope both hydrangea's make it through :)

  7. The original is already looking better! Fingers crossed

  8. I had no idea they were so delicate, but they do need hardening off before going outside

  9. If you still have it, it's worth putting it somewhere warmer, the one I replanted in the greenhouse is already looking better after a few days out the frosty weather

  10. hehehe I shall have to find a new word for next week!

  11. The photos made me crave and ache for spring and summer! Memories of lovely blooms always gets me through the gloomy days =) #hdygg

  12. So much colour and love the primroses. Hope the other hydrangea perks up, usually they are pretty hardy. Fingers crossed. I need to go to the garden centre after seeing your lovely pictures.

  13. Well done on acquiring a second hydrangea and hope they both make it! #hdygg

  14. Ah this cheered me right up; hydrangea are my favourites, fingers crossed!


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