How Does Your Garden Grow

There really isn’t much to do in the garden at the moment, it’s a waiting game now.

Waiting for Spring bulbs to do something, waiting for the final frost to pass and well, just waiting really.

smail house

We have had a few surprises in the garden this week, a few determined bulbs have started to flower, much to the excitement of the boys who yelled and yelled at me to come see “Something exciting in the garden”.

our first spring bulbs

With half term and 2 kiddos to entertain I dragged them to the garden centre to pick some flowers for them to plant out. They chose some simple yet beautiful primroses which we shall pant out in the next day or so.

Apparently daddy would want this, so this we got him.

bathroom blooms

It’s now taking up residence in the bathroom until the weather turns a little warmer.

It seems I’m turning in to my grandpa, my nana would go bonkers over the about of plants he had growing in the house; two bedrooms and pretty much every windowsill were handed over to the propagation of seedlings and the blooming of plants. Now I have a plant in the bathroom, a few primulas and a hydrangea in the dining room and bulbs on the kitchen windowsill, not to mention jugs and vases filled with Spring flowers dotted around the place.

Talking of hydrangeas, look at this gorgeous beauty, isn’t she a stunner!


Oh, and if like me you are new to hydrangeas, they shouldn’t be planted outside until May, so keep any new ones indoors for now. I’m pleased to say that my original hydrangea which got upset in the frost is bouncing back nicely now she’s in the greenhouse.

As I get more interested in the gardening side of having a garden I want to keep track of what everything is, “pink flower” and “yellow petals” aren’t very helpful when trying to find out what something is, so I’ve made a start on some garden plant signs.

flower and plant signs

I’ve also been faffing about with the flowers hubby bought for me, aren’t they lovely?

flower faffing



It really is a bit hit and miss with gardening, especially when like us you have a relatively small space to work with, there are times when it seems there is nothing to do but wait and wait some more until things begin to happen and you can actually start doing some gardening, roll on the warmer days!

How Does Your Garden Grow


  1. This is such a nice post. I'm reading it while looking out on to a very wet and very dismal garden. We've done nothing with it since we moved in over a year ago. Nothing grows yet. I must, MUST do something with it soon. That said, I'm going to treat myself to some flowers later. If I can't look out on to something beautiful, I have to have it indoors instead.

  2. Awww lovely! So many blooms in your house! Not limited to your garden. I love those signs. So organic looking =) #hdygg

  3. Catherine @ Growing Family19 February 2015 at 15:26

    Your house full of plants and flowers sounds very familiar - I reached a new level this week when I emptied a bookshelf above the radiator so my chilli seeds could be cosy. It's all worth it though!
    Those plant markers are brilliant, such a nice way to remember where everything is :)

  4. Gorgeous flower and plant signs and I love your flower faffing! I'm so pleased both your hydrangea's are thriving too :)

  5. This is such a beautiful Spring post :) I love that you have flowers in the bathroom and what gorgeous faffing you do!

  6. That hydrangea is a beauty - and some lovely faffing you've done there! #hdygg

  7. I love the Hydrangea and the shot of the bathroom:-) Sometimes I drive myself crazy with the plants everywhere. I'm not the best at looking after them though.

  8. Ooo those bathroom blooms are lovely - I just have a few succulents in ours - maybe I should inject some colour in there!

    I love those little signs you are making, what a nifty idea! I need to make something like that as I get over excited and buy things for the house / garden and plant them and then forget what they actually are ( #noob )

    I am with you on bringing colour inside until it's raging outside!!!

    Thanks for joining in again and sharing - such happy colours :)

  9. I'm like that too, flowers and plants everywhere. Today we sorted the window boxes out and I planted some sweet pea seeds. It's so cold outside though and I can't wait for spring sunshine. I do love the Hydrangea, I have one but need another and would like one of those huge mop head ones. Really like your plant signs, I need to do something like that for my veg rows at the allotment.

  10. Lovely pictures and your labels are great ... spring is definitely on her way although there was snow here this week and it's still too wet and cold to do anything much outside.


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