How Does Your Garden Grow

This week I decided to head out to the local park to see if Spring was making herself known there and I was pleasantly surprised to see signs of Spring popping up.

There were patches of Snowdrops and Crocus’s all over the place, those at the base of trees looked particularly lovely.




I love the contrast of delicate flowers against the gnarly bark on the tree, a beauty and the beast moment.

gnarly tree


I think these might be Helleborus, they are gorgeously different to the usual Spring blooms.

weird but lovely


Perhaps the most Spring like of Spring things I saw was this partially built nest, it’s not all that easy to make out but it’s THERE, I shall be keeping an eye on it over the next few months to see what happens.

bird nest

As I was heading home I stumbled upon where trees had been felled, so I borrowed these logs, now I’ve just got to wait for them to dry out before I can turn them in to something awesome!


Whilst plonking the stubby log in the garden I realised that Spring is definitely making a tentative arrival in our little patch of the world.

spring in a tub

blooming ladder

peekaboo purple

It’s not much, but the pops of colour sure do make a lovely addition to all the green.

dwarf daffs

I’m ridiculously happy to see Spring has finally decided to show herself, even if the grey and miserable weather leaves a lot to be desired.

 How Does Your Garden Grow


  1. come on spring!

  2. Yay Sprig - so close now! I have bluebells pushing up in my front garden at the moment, just the green shoots but I'm well excited by that - blossom is the thing that I love the most - that gets me ridiculously happy every time!
    That gnarly tree and snowdrops certainly is a beauty and beast moment isn't it? Loving the captions beneath your photos missus :)

    Thank you for joining in again sweet cheeks x

  3. Lets hope that nest becomes a home for lots of little fluffy chicks. Our daffodils are just starting to come up and the crocus are coming in to flower. Love this time of year :)

  4. I went for a spring-spotting walk the other too too and came across crocus, blossom, anemones, irises and mimosa. It's definitely arrived in the south of France. The best thing for me is the mimosa which is out everywhere and starts as early as January. I'm loving your pretty flowers against the gnarly bark too. #HDYGG

  5. Hooray for colour and crocuses! So pleased to see some proper Spring colour emerging. High fives all round x

  6. Helen Sims The good life mum26 February 2015 at 13:08

    love your peek a boo ladder that is a great idea for getting climbing colour

  7. Gosh you daffodils are much closer to bursting into life than ours. Lovely to see some colours appearing isn't it :)

  8. I love the contrast between the tree bark and those beautiful signs of Spring in the park! Your tubs and planters look fab and hooray for emerging daffodils :)

  9. Yep - I do think spring is on here way. Glad you liked seeing my garden on Mammasaurus and yes, our piglets are really cute!


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