Interviewing My Kids…12 Months On

I adore the random and imaginative honesty from my kids.



I first “interviewed” them about a year ago, and figured it was about time to see if their answers would differ today…

They had me alternately cracking up laughing and scratching my head in puzzlement.

1. If you could live in a house shaped like anything, what would it be?

Ahren “A tree house”

Ethan “A Circle”

2. What do you think is in outer space?

Ahren “Satellites”

Ethan “Aliens and UFO’s, they’re like flying saucers”

3. What is your favourite colour?

Ethan “Rainbows”

Ahren “Pink”

4. Where is the most wonderful place you've ever been?

Ahren “The park”

Ethan “Winter Wonderland”

5. What are you good at?

Ahren “Exercise”

Ethan “Games”

6. What's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

Ahren “When Emma tells me she loves me”

Ethan “You look smart”

7. What are you most proud of?

Ethan “When I finish a level on a game ”

Ahren “When I first rolled over”

8. If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?

Ethan “Sneak in to the kitchen and get some treats”

Ahren “Sneak in someone's room and take something”

9. What is the worst smell in the world?

Ethan “Trash”

Ahren “Smelly cucumber”

10. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Ethan “Batman”

Ahren “Police officer”

11. What makes you cry?

Ethan “When I fall over”

Ahren “When people hit me”

12. Where do babies come from?

Ethan “Your tummy”

Ahren “Your tummy”

13. What are you scared of?

Ahren “The dark”

Ethan “Zombies” He then threw him self under a chair shouting “Yikes”

14. If you could, what two animals would you combine?

Ethan “A cow and a creeper to make a creepow”

Ahren “Unicorn and a squid…uniquid”

15. Who is your hero?

Ahren “Superman”

Ethan “The Flash”

16. What is your favourite song?

Ahren “Shake it Out”

Ethan “Everything is Awesome”

17. What is a friend?

Ahren “Someone who is nice to you

Ethan “Kissing lips”

18. What is your favourite memory?

Ahren “When I was 5 and I had a birthday”

Ethan “I can’t remember”

19. If you could, what type of animal would you be?

Ahren “Cat”

Ethan “Dog”

20. Who is your best friend?

Ahren “Emma”

Ethan “Zack”

21. What is your favourite thing to do with family?

Ahren “Have a feast”

Ethan “Go out for a walk on fireworks day”

22. What is the most important rule?

Ethan “No fighting”

Ahren “No talking when others talk”

23. If you had a million pounds, what would you spend it on?

Ahren “A Batman costume, Dark Knight”

Ethan “Lego Marvel ”

24. Why do people get old?

Ahren “Because they get bigger and bigger”

Ethan “Because they grow up”

25. What is love?

Ahren “Hugs”

Ethan “Valentines day and when they play with you”

26. If you had super powers, what would they be?

Ahren “Laser beams from my eyes”

Ethan “Electric, to shoot targets”

27. What's the best thing about being a kid?

Ahren “Playing with friends”

Ethan “Playing”

28. What makes you happy when you're sad?

Ahren “When someone gives me ice cream”

Ethan “Doing silly things”

29. Do you have a favourite number?

Ahren “77”

Ethan “1000”

30. What is something that you don't understand about grownups?

Ahren “When they say bah bah bah ga ga gah”

Ethan “When they ask weird questions, like Creepsteve a creeper mixed up with Steve”

31. What do you think is the most important thing in your house?

Ahren “Not fixing broken things”

Ethan “Fire, you should not touch fire”

32. What is your favourite word?

Ethan “Pajuice!”

Ahren “Goik”

33. If you had your own country, what would it be called?

Ahren “Bella Bum Bum”

Ethan “Lego City”

34. What do you dream about when you sleep?

Ahren “Turning in to a boring Mincecraft cube, I’m just too funny” Ethan“ No, you’re just too weird”

Ethan “A monster chasing me all around the house, I’m just too adorable, aren’t I!”

35. If you were in a band, what instrument would you play?

Ahren “A violin”

Ethan “A trumpet”

36. What 3 words would you use to describe our family?

Ahren “Adorable, nice, friendly”

Ethan “Smart, cute and adorable”

37. What's something you'd like to learn how to do?

Ahren “Building my own house”

Ethan “Making inventions”

38. If you had to give away all of your toys but one, which one would you keep?

Ethan “A dinosaur”

Ahren “Batman”

39. What do you think Heaven is like?

Ethan “The sky”

Ahren “Sunny”

40. What is something that you're thankful for?

Ahren “When someone gives me something nice”

Ethan “Lego sets”

41. What's the hardest thing you've ever had to do?

Ahren “Knitting”

Ethan “Building a sky scrapper, it makes me tired”

42. Do you think that telling the truth is always right, even if it hurts someone's feelings?

ethan “Yes, but you’re not supposed to chew their butt”

ahren “You’re not supposed to hurt someone's feelings

43. What's the greatest thing about being you?

Ahren “I’m so cute”

Ethan “I'm the best child in the whole wide world and I love to sing”

Aren’t they humble and modest?! The crazy little nutters sure do keep life interesting, I can’t wait to see how their answers change in another 12 months.

If you have half an hour or so spare this half term I really do recommend doing this with your kids, it’s such a fun way to learn a little more about their creative, imaginative side.