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I was asked to take a peek at , a collective of incredibly talented artists who specialise in unique art work and paper goods, and see what I thought of their products, once I delved in to their site I was in paper goods heaven.

It’s time to start thinking birthday celebrations, the twins are almost 6, so I’ve been looking for some inspiration, trying to juggle the wishes and personalities of two little boys isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to decorating parties.

The party decor at is simply gorgeous and the unique suite packages are ideal for parents who know what they need and have a budget to work to. I’ve been perusing their party decor trying to find the perfect theme for my boys, I’ve narrowed it down to maybe two or three themes, okay fine, I have 4 possible themes!

modern mint


Modern Mint 

beach party

 Beach Day 

park party

Park Party 

happy day

 Happy Day 

I love that you are able to personalise these packages with photos, names, colours and any other information your guests need to know to ensure they know where and when your celebration is.

If there isn’t enough inspiration at minted to help you decide on party themes, popping over to their blog will give you oodles more ideas to make any celebration go with a bang!

Whilst I’ve been looking for inspiration for birthday parties, I’ve had a sneak peak at their Minted's save the dates range, I’m a romantic at heart, and well, a girl can dream can’t she?

save the date

All in the numbers / Climbing Roses / My Soul Loves

I can’t leave any store or website for that matter, without seeing what Festive range they have and minted do not let me down. I have no doubt you’d have seen their Christmas cards on either a blog post or Instagram over the holiday period, but did you know they do festive print fabric? Nope, me neither, and I gotta say, I’m in love. Whilst I wait eagerly for Spring I can’t help but think some cushions  in these fabrics need to be made for next Christmas.

minted fabrics

I was pleased to see that shipping charges are pretty reasonable, with the amount of personalisation to these products, there is no doubt that you’d be getting great value.


  1. That modern mint range is gorgeous, love it! x


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