Proud Mama

These past few weeks my boys have done me proud.

They are generally well behaved and just a pleasure to be around, they certainly make life interesting and fun, but as their mama I might be slightly biased.

So when we attended a school event yesterday and received lots of positive comments on our boys, we were over the moon.

We be kings

hard at work

This comes on top of their recent achievements at school; both being awarded Star of the Day, Ahren getting a certificate for being Willing to Take Risks and on top of all that they have both received top scores in their weekly spelling tests.

This makes me one proud mama, obviously I’d still be proud as heck if they didn’t get certificates or didn’t achieve top marks in a test, trying their best will always be enough, but it’s lovely to see their hard work paying off.

I also have to mention that I’m one proud Mrs, the hubs baked his own birthday cake, I know I know, but well I’m pretty crap at baking and he isn’t and he wanted to do it, and it was amazing! Seriously, everyone should be adding coconut cream to their baked goods, and toasted coconut, you wont be sorry!

yay moments

I’m off to eat more cake, because it is THAT good!

3 Children and It


  1. Ah I LOVE a proud mum post - always so great to read :) As you say, we would be proud even if they didn't achieve top marks but I think a blog is a perfect place to capture these memories. Thanks for linking up to #loudnproud x x

  2. Oh that is so cool he got an award. Oh yum, that cake looks good. I've heard coconut cream is amazing but I can't try it. I'm allergic to coconut, which saddens me. I hope you guys are having a great day!

  3. Oh your boys are such a credit to you! You come across as such a close family, your boys are gorgeous x

  4. You absolutely should be proud, Amanda. I used to be a bit cynical about these Star of the Day/Week award things, but when I see how proud our kids are at receiving an award I realise how much they value it. As long as they're not gratuitous, even if they're for something relatively small I'm now a convert.


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