The Simple Things

Life gets all kindsa complicated every once in a while; with one thing and another going on it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed by it all.

Not wanting to let everything get on top of me, it’s too draining both mentally and physically, I’ve established a few things I can do to help me relax and de-stress.

Appreciating dawn



Oh how I love the sunrise.

sunrise and moon

Being able to get out for a sunrise stroll along the beach sets my day up perfectly, it’s such a wonderful and magical time of day. Seeing the beauty of a new day dawning is truly humbling and something that guarantees to calm my often frayed nerves.


This is a term I attribute to anything whereby I tinker with pretty or interesting things, just to admire something pretty or interesting, could be a bowl of driftwood, Autumnal gatherings or flowers. The process of gathering a collection of pretty things and making them look nice is ridiculously lovely.

blooms in bottles


coastal finds

signs of autumn

It has no practical function other than to distract me from the ugliness of some days, and lets face it, you just have to switch the news on to see how ugly some days are.


If you’re not a faffer and you can’t face the idea of being up early enough to see sunrise, knitting is pretty darn good way to relax.

I’ve been at it just over a week and I love it.

yarn in a wooden bowl

knitting progress

What, if anything, do you do to detract from the stresses and ugly side of life?


  1. Yesterday I went to the woods it is my therapy
    Beautiful pictures

  2. I blog. Or run. Or have a bath, put my whole head under the water except my eyes and nose, close my eyes and fade for a while. It's lovely taking myself somewhere else for a bit. Your photos of... stuff are gorgeous! x

  3. The two Rs: reading and running, although not together.

  4. I love this Amanda. Such prettiness in one post :) I find exercise a good source of distraction....and cleaning/clearing out - quite therapeutic. It's about the only time I do it! Hope you're ok x


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